Playgirl Faith 24 Steel Bone Ruby Rust Waist Training Corset Cincher


SKU: PGW123-Ruby Rust-20"

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Fabric - Taffeta

Length at Front (Busk) - 13"

Length of Busk - 12"

Length at Bust (Princess Seam) - 9.5"

Length at Side - 9"

Length at Back (Lace) - 11"

Waist Reduction - 6 Inches & More

Corset Shape - Faith

Rib Spring - 4"

Hip Spring - 7"

Torso Lengths - 9"-10.5"

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The perfect corset to get the waist you deserve! This stunning waist training corset has been transformed into a waist cinching corset with the addition of 24 steel bones and the skill of a corsetiere. The result is a beautiful corset designed to take 6-7 inches of the wearer's waist and help them achieve the much sought after hourglass figure.


The ruby taffeta cloth makes the wearer look fabulous while tightlacing and the cotton twill lining will keep you cool.


This corset has following features:

  • 24 Steel bones (20 Spiral steel bones & 4 Flat steel bones)
  • Length at front: 13 Inch
  • Length at bust: 13 Inch
  • Length at back: 11 Inch
  • Visible 12" Steel busk (Front closure)
  • Modesty panel:6 Inch wide
  • Lace up back
  • Six suspender loops (Suspenders sold separately)
  • Ruby taffeta cloth
  • 100% Cotton twill lined
  • Specialist tightlacing & waist training corset
  • Playgirl white label designer brand


We offer a no-nonsense 30 days refund or exchange policy.

We recommend that professional advise is sought before waist training or tightlacing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Beautiful Corset!!

I love this corset!! The quality is amazing for the price, this should seriously cost more (but I'm thankful for the price so please don't change it!) The rust color is beautiful and it looks just like the picture. Be sure to actually measure your waist and go by the size that is on their guide.I am following the guide to hopefully lose some inches off of my waist, and I've worn it 3 days and have already lost 1/2 an inch!! Today was the first day that I wore it at work and it totally fixed my posture all day - you can't slouch!! When you take it off your abs are tired like they just did crunches. As well as my waist looked amazing in my dress. I did have to wear a slip over it because it isn't smooth like a shaper, it has thick yet soft material and you can feel the weight of the steel boning inside. But it's structure would be seen under an unlined/tight fitting dress. It's totally worth it and amazing!! Very happy customer!

Michelle C.
Impressed, pleasantly over expectations.

This is a bonafide high quality underbust corset. I haven't ever been this impressed with a product I've ordered trying to be inexpensive off Amazon. It's heavy, in a good "this is from a by gone era and is made with care" way. The details are perfect, and it's beautiful material (i got the rust) if you're debating it take the plunge. I've seen corsets like this for 200$ at fairies.

Jay D.
I chose this corset to begin my tightlacing journey. NO REGRETS!

After much research and comparing, I decided on this corset. I measured my waist twice and subtracted 2 inches as recommend in another review. I then purchased the rust color, it fit well, and it's so much more beautiful than the picture! I knew this was the best corset after picking it up, it was quite heavy. In addition, the steel boning passed the magnet test. I wore it for a week for about 16 hours a day before I began gradually tightlacing. In about 3 months I was able to comfortably tighten the laces completely. I love the way I look in this corset! The perfect hourglass. And it`s very sexy! I don't wear clothing over it as it bulges out a bit. I have noticed that my waist is smaller when I'm not wearing the corset, and I look and feel much more confident in tight dresses. I literally can't stay out of the mirror when I'm in it lol! When I size down, Ill write another review on my progress. If you want better waist definition, I recommended corset training with this particular one. All in all, The product is beautiful, the results are lasting (as long as you continue to train) and I am very satisfied with this corset. I will be recommending to friends! Yes, it was tight, no I didn't have trouble breathing, eating, or drinking in it! Bending over was quite a task though. Also sleeping in it may not be recommended, but I did it anyway with no problems. I hope this review certainly helps someone! You won't regret it! And remember girls, letting the corset get accustomed to your body shape for a period (a week or so) before gradually tightening, helps the corset stay beautiful longer and will yield better results with little discomfort.

Cupcake M.
Love it

So beautiful. I'm 5'6", 25" waist (26"-30" after a meal) and got the smallest size in rust, because at $19 that's dirt cheap for a corset and corsets work better if they're a smidge too small, no? (I managed to get down to a 23.5" for those wondering.)I plan on making my own hourglass Victorian corsets for reenactments and cosplay, but for now this will work for the base of a Madam Red costume I'm making for Halloween.

Fits perfect!!

This is an amazing product. I got it in the rust color and it was absolutely beautiful and very well made. Unfortunately, my lifestyle was just too busy to be able to wear and break in this corset, so I returned it. I miss it greatly, and I plan to purchase one later on. This surpassed my expectations many times over.