About Us

Welcome to True Corset.

Once upon a time, in a cold and darkened land, there were no corsets. “How will we achieve the perfect shape for our new outfit, or the hot celebrity look, or the special evening with our partner?” the women cried. Then True Corset rode into town (on a horse wearing a horsey corset, obviously) and the women of the world exclaimed “Hurrah! Now whether we require a great look for going out, a photoshoot, or a goth, burlesque, pinup, steampunk, cosplay, or vintage look, we know where to go for exquisite designs, expert advice, and amazing prices!”

Here at True Corset we like stories, and we’re dedicated to making sure you feel like you have the starring role. We were instrumental in the corset revival and have been at the forefront of corset trends and tailoring for years, inspiring much of the work in the corset industry. We’re famed for making the original designs and producing the high quality pieces that you see across mainstream and alternative fashion scenes.

Not only have we shaped the industry, but we’re driven by our passion for shaping our clients the way they want. We cater for all ages and body sizes, and have put together this complete corset guide to help you make a great informed decision. If you need any further advice we’re always happy to hear from you and give a no-obligation helping hand.

We’re experts in our field. We want you to feel excellent in your life. Take a look around our website at our gorgeous ranges, don’t hesitate to reach out with any queries, and feel confident that our years of experience will help you find the style and shape that helps you feel confident!