How to measure yourself correctly and find the best corset shape for your body.

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The Corsets

All our steel boned corsets are sized in even waist sizes rising in two-inch increments and the equivalent dress sizes, also rising in 2 size increments.


Steel boned corsets should be ordered at least 4-5 inches below your natural waist measurement and waist training corsets should be ordered at least 6-7 inches below your natural waist measurement depending on the desired effect. If you are tiny, then your waist will not compress as easily, nor as far, as a person who is larger.

Example - 4 inch below waist size:

A person whose natural waist size is 28 inches could order a corset of size 24 inches, and could wear the garment semi closed at the back giving a 2 inch reduction, or fully closed giving a 4 inch reduction. All corsets should be comfortable to wear.

How To Measure Yourself For A Corset

- Stand straight with your feet slightly apart.
- Relax your body, but do not slouch or extend it.
- Use a measuring tape to take your measurements. Should you not have a measuring tape, you can download one here.
- Ensure the measuring tape is snug but not tight.
- Use a full length mirror to ensure you are measuring correctly.
- Always measure 2-3 times for accuracy.


A) Bust

Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest and back. The measuring tape must be parallel to the ground


B) Underbust

Measure right at your bra line. The measuring tape must be parallel to the ground


C) Waist

Measure around the narrowest part of your waist. This is usually just above your belly button. Do not suck in your stomach, to get an accurate measurement it must be relaxed. Keep the tape snug, but don't pull tight. The measuring tape must be parallel to the ground


D) High Hip (Iliac Crest)

You can locate your iliac crest by using your fingers to prod at the top of your hips. Feel for the side edge (crest) of your hip bone. This is the iliac crest, measure around your body at this point. The measuring tape must be parallel to the ground.


E) Low Hip

The low hip measurement is usually not required, but should it be, here is how to measure your low hip for a corset. The low hip is located at the top of your pubic triangle. Measure around your body at this point. The measuring tape must be parallel to the ground


F) Torso Length 

Sit in a chair, be sure to sit straight. Place the measuring tape centered under your breast and extend the tape to the top of your thigh. 

Corset Shapes

At True corset we understand that there are many different body shapes so we have a wide variety of different corset shapes, to cover nearly all body shapes.

On every corset product page there is a specification which describes the measurements on that corset.

Should you wish to search for a specific corset shape, you can do so by going to the corset category and use the 'REFINE BY' filter. You would need to go to the filter 'CORSET SHAPE' and select the corset shapes you wish to see and then click 'VIEW ITEMS' and the selected corset shapes will appear.

Here are specifications for selected corset shapes. You can find specifications for other corsets on their product page under specifications.