Vodka? No, Not For You; For Your Corset!

In a recent post about how to care for and clean your corset, I had forgotten to mention one of my favorite techniques: vodka!
Yep, equal parts vodka and water in a spray bottle are a great and inexpensive way to clean your corset.
Once you've got your mixture ready in your spray bottle, simply lay your corset flat lining side up, hold the bottle at least 6" away from the lining and gently spray a thin mist. No need to saturate the surface; the thin mist of half vodka, half water will work as a simple antibacterial.
It is important to note that you only want to do this on the interior of your corset for 2 reasons:
1. The lining is the part closest to the body and most affected by perspiration vs. the shell, which won't be affected by these factors to the same degree the lining will &
2. You wouldn't want to potentially disturb the finish of the corset's shell/exterior fabric by spritzing it with alcohol.
If ever you do notice a small stain on the exterior of your corset (make-up or deodorant marks), simply rub with a damp cloth until the stain is gone. For tougher stains, feel free to add the teeniest little bit of gentle laundry detergent & that should get the job done.
Back to the vodka method: once you've applied an even misting of the solution to the corset, simply leave it flat until dry and voilà!  Your corset will be fresh as new!
Happy corseting!