The Importance of Loosening Your Laces

The Importance of Loosening Your Laces

You've just received your corset in the mail and you're dying to get it on, right? You tear open the package, take the corset out of its bag, untie the laces and try and wrap it round your waist to see how it fits, yes? Well, here are a few reasons why it is so very important that you take the time to fully loosen your corsets laces before putting it on. It takes very little time to do and can save you numerous inconveniences.

1. You'll think your corset is too small 

Even if you have purchased the perfect size for your needs, you will not be able to get the corset on before you've fully loosened your laces.

Think about it: a steel boned corset should be in a size 4" to 5" less the measure of your waist and a waist training corset should be 6" to 7" less the measure of your natural waist. Since the corset is designed to reduce and cinch the waist, there is no logical reason why you should be able to wrap it comfortably round your middle if the cord is not loosened completely.

2. You'll be convinced your corset is uncomfortable

If you've partially loosened your laces and after loads of struggle and strain have managed to get it around your waist, you won't feel comfortable in it. All that effort has almost managed to have you break a sweat, increase your heart and breathing rate and body temperature...not comfortable!

If you completely loosen the laces, your corset should not only wrap around your middle with zero difficulty, it should seem absolutely huge on you until you tighten it. For example, a properly loosened corset should not only fasten with great ease but you should be able to twist it round your middle with almost no friction.

3. You risk bending the busk and bones

If you manage to get your corset on without bending/warping the busk or the bones after not having properly loosened you laces, the odds of achieving the same success when you remove your corset are slim.

Loosening your laces is not only important when putting the corset on but almost very important when you've decided its time to remove your corset.

The most common thing that will occur if you haven't loosened them enough when trying to take your corset off is that the center hook of your busk will feel like it is completely stuck over its pin and this is where the potential for bending the hook comes in.

And there you have it: 3 reasons why it is in your best interest to take just one extra minute to completely loosen your corset's laces before putting it on and when taking it off.

Happy lacing!