Keeping Cool In Your Corset

Keeping Cool In Your Corset

Though summer isn't technically here, the days have been getting hotter and hotter...but does that mean you need to give up waist training during the warm months?


Here are 3 key tips to keeping cool when the weather is anything but:

1. Consider a Cami

Now, I realize that I'm suggesting you add an additional layer, but a thin cotton camisole beneath your corset will help wick away any perspiration, reducing friction or other skin irritation.

For added comfort, you may like to consider applying talcum power to your skin before putting your corset on to keep things all the more dry.


2. Net mesh is the coolest option

Without a doubt, a net mesh cincher will be your best choice if you're looking to keep things cool and comfy but not sacrifice your waist training during the hot months.

A net mesh cincher won't have a lining and the fabric is highly breathable, letting your skin stay dry and comfortable throughout even the hottest of days.


3. Cotton equals pure comfort

Instead of dawning your favorite tafetta number, consider cotton.

Cotton is a gorgeous natural fiber that allows for excellent breathe-ability, keeping perspiration off your skin and keeping you feeling cool and dry.


So there you have it: no need to give up your waist training during the hot months so long as you consider these 3 key tips.

Happy lacing!