Corsets In The Workplace

So many of us out there who love our corsets tend to reserve them for special occasions; whether that be going out to a club, a fancy dress party, a burlesque show, few can deny that the corset we so long to wear whenever we please, only makes a select few appearances.
What if I were to tell you that wearing a corset to work can be perfectly acceptable? The average person spends more time at work then they do in their own house! Well, with a few simple rules, you can start to wear your favourite corset (or corsets!) to the workplace as well.
Rule #1: Keep the rest of the look conservative.
Let’s not take this out of context and start thinking that we can pair our favourite overbust with a bodycon pencil skirt and some platform heels and hobble to our desks thinking no one will have a problem with our choice of attire.  Instead, think of what you normally wear to work: a flattering pair of trousers and smart shirt? A pair of skinny jeans, fashion top and jacket? A pretty, well-tailored dress? Why not wear a simple underbust corset over any of these options?
Prefer the idea of wearing an overbust style to work? So long as the neckline of your corset keeps you covered up at least as much as the camisole you normally wear underneath your blazer, there’s no reason not to make the switch.
Rule #2: Respect your employer’s dress code.
I used to work as a retail associate. Our basic dress code was: you could either wear anything that we sold in the store so long as it was part of the current collection, or you could choose to wear all black.
Similar dress code where you work? Then go ahead and wear your favourite black corset to work. Don’t try and get away with neglecting rule #1, here: keep things conservative and think of your corset as an accessory rather than the ‘hero’ of your outfit.
Rule #3: Don’t let your corset affect your work.
This is pretty basic, but let’s say you consider yourself an experienced waist-trainer. Well, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will thank yourself at the end of the day after wearing it during your 14 hour waitressing shift. Especially if – heaven forbid! – you get a stain on it (crosses herself as she types this)!!
So long as you make sure it doesn't get in your own way, then it shouldn't be an issue.
Rule #4: Respect that some employers will not permit you to wear your corset to work.
Unless of course, you wear it underneath your attire! The only dress code an employer can impose on your choice of undergarments is that they remain inconspicuous (i.e. no black or patterned panties showing through your white skirt, no visible bra straps, and preferably no panty lines). They can’t tell you that your corset is not allowed underneath your choice of outfit. That would be as absurd as trying to control whether or not you are permitted to wear a bra with an underwire!
Corsets started off as under garments - just think how well this style will work under your outfit!

So why not throw on your favourite underbust under your ensemble and have the most enviable hourglass shape in the entire office?
So you see, corsets are far more versatile than most people think. Whether it be night or day, work or play the corset is always an option.