Why Go With a Waist Trainer?

Why Go With a Waist Trainer?
When shopping for a corset, many come to a cross roads in deciding whether to go with a steel boned corset or a waist trainer. But the fact of the matter is that there's more to making that decision than wanting the maximum cinch.
Here are 3 things to consider before you decide on a waist trainer:
1. You've got experience wearing corsets
If you've never worn a corset before it is advisable that you begin with a steel boned corset. Steel boned corsets provide a cinch of 4" to 5" which is already a dramatic difference and quite a lot to get accustomed to in terms of the sensation of added tension around the waist.
If you've never worn a corset before, the odds that you will find a greater cinch of 6" to 7" which a waist trainer provides is unlikely and since waist training is a regular regimen (either daily or several days out of the week), you don't want to get discouraged because you find it to be "uncomfortable".
2. You have at least one other corset that you'll be able to wear interchangeably with your new waist trainer
For what ever the reason (you may be feeling bloated, suffering menstrual cramps, or you just feel like you'd like to give your middle a bit of a break), you will appreciate having a steel boned corset on hand for those days when a waist trainer just feels like too much.
Our waist trainers are made with 24 steel bones (spiral and flat), 4 layers of cloth for extra strength, and just those 2 characteristics alone give a True Corset waist trainer the ability to offer maximum cinch. And some days, that can feel like too much so having a steel boned corset handy can keep us on track with our waist training rather than leaving us discouraged ("this is too hard" or "ugh, I've missed a day!").
3. You are considering a waist trainer because you want to waist train and not because you're looking for a quick fix for a smaller waist
Fact is that waist training is definitely more of a lifestyle than a quick fix. Aside from the immediate cinch that it can deliver, your waist will return to its natural state within very little time after removing your corset or waist trainer.
If your main motivation for selecting a waist trainer is that it offers more of a cinch than a steel boned corset, then I wouldn't recommend it.
The results that many people claim to see from waist training have got more to do with the fact that some report feeling fuller faster when wearing their corset or waist trainer during meal times and as a result, they claim to consume fewer calories. Fewer calories consumed generally leads to weight loss.
So in brief, you would want to consider going with a waist trainer if you've got some corset wearing experience, you've got another corset handy for those days when a waist trainer feels like too much and you're interested in waist training as more of a long-term goal rather than as a quick fix.
Happy lacing!