For years our mum’s have been telling us about the importance of that classic wardrobe staple – the little black dress, but these days there’s a new classic out there – the little black corset. Of course our wonderful corsets come in a veritable cacophony of colours, but let’s face it black (just like the diamonds which don’t we just love to wear with it!) really is a girl’s best friend. Whether you are rocking the pale and interesting look and utilising black to give you either that sophisticated and classy or funky goth vibe, or you’ve got an amazing Barbados, or the more sensible spray, tan – then black can do just as much to make your skin tone look even more striking.
So why then should a little black corset be the replacement for the little black dress? Well firstly as good as you can look in a black dress, and even if it boasts those strange ‘control panels’ is a little black dress ever going to give you those magical hourglass figure that you can achieve from a really good corset? We don’t think so!
Also just as a little black dress can take you from day to night, so can your little black corset. By day team your corset up with some gorgeous trousers (either go for a flowing linen style or try this season’s must-have tailored ankle grazer), a cute little bolero or shrug and a statement necklace and the monthly board meeting will never be the same again! Then by night, add a pair of killer heels, ditch the shrug and if you want to go full out swap the trousers for a tutu skirt (and fishnets?) or why not try the cutest of little pencil skirts for a sexy yet sophisticated evening look.
Finally if you’re a girl who just loves colour, but doesn't quite have the budget for a full closet rainbow corsets, then invest in a really good black corset first and add colour through your accessories. A black satin corset teamed with a black skirt and then red shoes, jewellery and hair accessories (think dyed red peacock feathers?!) will make a fantastic colour splash whilst really vamping up your look. Or team your black corset with chunky white jewellery to ride this season’s monochrome trend.
Or finally just remember this is your corset and it can be as individual as you are! Wear your corset with confidence and panache and you could be teaming it with a bin bag and your husband’s wellies and still look fabulous!