How to Reduce Skin Creasing From Your Corset

How to Reduce Skin Creasing From Your Corset

Ahh the creases left on your midsection when you remove your corset. Some people find it pretty, others...could do without.

Though it isn't quite possible to avoid it entirely, for those of us who would like to at least see less of it, here are a few tips:

1. Make sure to moisturize

Dry skin has a tendency to crease/wrinkle more than hydrated skin. So, when you step out of the shower be sure to generously moisturize your middle. Though this won't completely eliminate the creases your corset will create, it will leave your skin more likely to "bounce" back to its non-creased state a little more quickly.

2. Powder up

Baby powder or talcum powder applied to your skin will help wick away sweat. Your skin is more prone to to irritation and vulnerable to the friction your corset will add to it when you sweat. Powdering your middle before putting your corset on will help absorb the sweat more so than if you left yourself un-powdered. Less friction equals less irritation, which equals less redness/prominent creasing from your corset.

3. Wear a cami under your corset

Adding a thin, preferably cotton, cami or t-shirt under your corset will also help reduce any irritation your skin might otherwise encounter from sweat. The added layer will not only help wick the sweat off your body, but also help avoid having the sweat absorb directly into your corset, keeping your corset fresher longer.

4. Take a shower

If you choose to remove your corset at the end of your day (rather than choose to wear it through the night), then consider taking a shower to help get rid of the creasing to your skin. The moisture from a shower will help hydrate your skin, which in turn softens the creases, making them less noticeable and also help get rid of the creasing quicker.

And there you have it: 4 easy and simple to follow tips that will help you reduce and eliminate skin creasing from corset wear.

Happy lacing!