Helpful hints to spice up your holiday look

True Corset
The holidays are a time for food, family and friends. It can be a fantastic whirlwind of fun and also stressful, hectic and tiring. One of the items typically on the docket is what to wear to that holiday party. The big gathering of family that you see mostly online or the cocktail party “the ex” and everyone you know is going to attend. So, no pressure.
Time to hurry, shop, clean, cook and work. The thought of figuring out what fantastic look you will require in order to feel confident at your holiday party can be overwhelming. When wearing a corset, you get that kick that adds a sexy look you need to let go and enjoy your evening. Whether you wear it under for a sheath, as a top or over a shirt or dress to create a beautiful silhouette, you might be thinking “so how do I actually do that?”
This blog post is the answer. There will be a few options to help you find the perfect corset outfit. Once you find yours, please make sure you post them on social media and tag True Corset. We love to see what our customers create.
1. This overbust corset with a jacket and jeans.
Black & Silver Corset
This look is perfect for the casual party or the out on the town. It’s dressed without overdressed and has the jacket to ensure that additional confidence for the newer corset wearer. Perfect for jeans. Cozy it up with a bright blazer to add color.
Shown here: the Black Cord & Silver Steel Boned Swing Busk Overbust Corset.
2. Sheath dress –
Nude Cincher
This classic look works for almost any figure. Either you got this wardrobe foundation to create this shape, or your waist training has paid off and you want to show off all your hard work. This look is an incredible and classic ensemble.
Shown here: the Nude Steel Boned Lace & Power Mesh Cincher
3. Overbust corset paired with a pencil skirt.
Green Corset & Black Pencil Skirt
This outfit makes the ultimate entrance into any gathering. It will turn heads and gain attention. The stunning lines of the longer skirt embrace and celebrate our curves! This can be mixed up with a miniskirt and boots or a flared circle skirt and kitten heels. It gets that MEOW, right now.
Shown here: the Green Silk steel boned corset & black pencil skirt
4. An Underbust Steel Boned corset over a dressy top
Skulls & Roses Corset
This is a well-loved, go-to look for many corset enthusiasts. It shows off those curves, but is still reserved and highly feminine. Add a collared shirt for a preppy look.
Shown here: Long Skulls & Roses Steel Boned Corset Cincher
5. Underbust Steel Boned corset over a sweater dress.
Black Waist Trainer
We all have the pretty sweater dress we would love to wear, but are unsure if it’s dressy enough. Try adding something as simple as a waist cincher, and it makes the dress perfect to attend almost any occasion.
Shown here: Waist Training Tightlacing Long Corset cincher in Black
Corsets turn heads and can make you feel confident. Celebrate your holidays with your best curviest and sexiest you.
By Daisy Fromkin - Arts & Entertainment Writer