Kate Moss In Dior - 17 April 2012

Kate Moss In Dior - 17 April 2012

The latest Dior Addict Extreme advert apparently has Kate Moss in a leather corset. I am rather intrigued, as the one on this photo does not look that hot.
The Corset Coke - 13 April 2012

The Corset Coke - 13 April 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier has once again created something quite unique. This time he has turned his considerable skill to creating a new limited edition diet coke bottle.
The limited edition bottles feature a corset on the front and are called night and day. They will sold in outlets such as Harvey Nicols from the 16th April 2012 onwards.
I quite like the idea of sipping a drink from a corset inspired bottle, come Mr. Gaultier it's time you turned your attention to some other drinks too....
How A Corset Should Be Worn - 12 April 2012

How A Corset Should Be Worn - 12 April 2012

I don't watch Coronation Street, but I must congratulate Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Michelle Collins in Coronation Street, for reminding us how a corset should be worn.
We've had some pretty bad corsets on celebrities over the last few days, good to see that is changing. She looks fabulous in this simple ivory corset and in my opinion some of the bigger stars could do with following her example.
A Beautiful Reese? - 11 April 2012

A Beautiful Reese? - 11 April 2012

I have always had a soft spot for the lovely Reese Witherspoon and it's good to see her back on the big screen with her latest movie, 'This Means War'.
What is not so nice, is to see her in this disaster corset. I am sure this is a very expensive corset, but it does not fit well. I think she would look much, much better if she were to wear something like our sapphire silk corset or our silver & black floral corset.
I hope her new movie does better than her corset.
Corset For Minaj? - 10 April 2012

Corset For Minaj? - 10 April 2012

I really think we should dig deep and send Nicki Minaj a proper corset! The corset in this image, taken at the launch of the new Nokia Lumia phone in New York, does nothing for her.
I feel she looks distinctly average, where with the right corset she could look fabulous. Which is quite disappointing, as in her videos her wardrobe is amazing.
Come on Nicki, pay a visit to True Corset, I'm sure we can bring back the fab.
The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From Sidewalk to Catwalk- 06 April 2012

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From Sidewalk to Catwalk- 06 April 2012

I just read that the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, has organised the exhibit 'The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From Sidewalk to Catwalk', originally from the De Younge Museum.
I would just love to see this exhibit. The exhibit’s plentiful corsetry has been described as reptilian, metallic, anatomical, exoskeletal, crocheted, balletic, bedazzled, sculptural, aquatic and bionic without the underwear-as-outerwear motif being repetitious.
Gaultier himself said when he discovered his grandmother’s corset as a young boy, he asked questions. After she explained how it worked, he followed his curiosity by making his first bra out of paper and pinning it to the bear. The obsession would become distinctive to his oeuvre.
The exhibit features among other things Madonna's cone bra, a cubic corset for Kylie Minogue in addition to corseted dress forms rotating inside a large, pink, quilted satin cube.
Gaultier said at the de Young, 'I am inspired by people that are different, that have an interesting character. There is no one type of beauty. You can find beauty everywhere.'
How can you not like someone like that?
Truth Or Dare - 30 March 2012

Truth Or Dare - 30 March 2012

Over the years Madonna and her corsets have made it into the news time and again. At one time I could see what all the fuss was about, when Madonna put that iconic Gaultier corset on we collectively gasped.
Since then people's attitudues have changed and corsets are now part of mainstream culture something that would have been unthinkable in 1990. We are all used to dressing up in corsets for burlesque evening, nights out, halloween etc.
So I find it baffling that the ABC network in the USA have decided to censor Madonna's latest advert for her perfume, Truth Or Dare. The advert shows Madonna, 'writhing around in corsets and fishnets and some bondage gear'. The network would like the corset Madonna is wearing to be made longer to cover up more of her bottom, and more of her chest.
I suspect that this is yet another publicity stunt to promote a perfume which otherwise would have faced stiff competition from the plethora of other perfumes out there by celebrities. The really surprising thing about this is that the press is lapping it up and I too am blogging about it.
The moral of the story, never underestimate a woman in a corset.
A Precious Jewel Of A Corset - 28 March 2012

A Precious Jewel Of A Corset - 28 March 2012

I've heard a lot recently about a new movie called The Hunger Games and I've not been too interested, until now.
One of the stars of the movie, Jennifer Lawrence, appears on the cover of a German magazine in a lush corset.
The Jennifer Lawrence corset, as I shall now call it, has been lovingly designed by Dolce & Gabbana and the corset is studded with precious stones. The star, who apparently wants to be a like Bridget Jones, looks anything but that. I think this is one for my wish list!
Superwomen In Corset From The Steam Age - 27 March 2012

Superwomen In Corset From The Steam Age - 27 March 2012

I just love the whole idea of this!
What if superheroines found themselves fighting crime in the 1880's?
Would they trade in their spandex for corsets and petticoats?
An artist called Michael Dooney has done just that, not literally of course. He transports familiar superheroines such as Batgirl, Catwoman, Red Sonja to name but a few, back to the Victorian era and gives their costmes a neo-Victorian makeover.
I wonder if we could do something similar with our corsets, is that something you'd like to see?
Coffee & Corsets - 23 March 2012

Coffee & Corsets - 23 March 2012

This is an interesting twist. A photo snapped on a Morganton, USA, street has controversy brewing around a local coffee shop.
The Kyote' Koffee shop serves coffee with a twist - the baristas are dressed in corsets and skimpy clothing.
This photograph was taken Valentine's Day and went viral from then.
Apparently the company's slogan is "Come Get Some" which the company now say "wasn't meant to seem perverted what so ever."
According to the owner, the employee dress in corsets to lend to more of a fun and relaxing environment for their customers.
The company was closed on Thursday, partly to "deal with harassment and negativity coming from other business owners," the owner said. All of the store's signs were stolen on Thursday evening, but the shop was back open on Friday.
I can't see what all the fuss is, it seems like a little harmless fun and marketing genius. Perhaps they should consider turning part of the coffee shop into a lingerie store, now that would be fun..
One Corset To The Next? - 22 March 2012

One Corset To The Next? - 22 March 2012

Looking for a corset can get quite confusing ???? I often get asked what's the difference between one corset and the next one?
Many companies claim to be able to offer huge reductions by simply buying corsets from a factory direct or buying in larger quantities. Are these the same as the name brand corsets?
The simple answer is NO and Kinnaird is a great example of why.
Now I have to confess, I am biased as I have a Kinnaird corset and lurve it! The reason I luv my corset so much is that Kinnaird Ireland have been crafting luxury corsets since 1936 and have learned a thing or two. They have unique corset crafting techniques that make their corsets look and feel FAB!
My Kinnaird corset never looks wrinkled when I wear it and that's because the cloth they use is always triple bonded. This is an exclusive technique developed by Kinnaird to prevent creases or wrinkles when worn and increase the corset's strength.
My corset has high density European steel, which means that it has fewer bones used on it without any loss of strength. Which makes it lighter and more comfortable for me :)
The corsetieres who make the corsets actually wear corsets too, so understand how a corset should fit and that different women need different shapes of corsets. We are all different ladies some of us are pears and some are apples. Only if you wear corsets can you truly understand.
These corsetieres possess skills that have been passed down from generation to generation and the result is a corset to be treasured. These skills have not been passed over to these un-named factories, as these lovely ladies aren't interested in relocating to the East :)
All of the details that Kinnaird so lovingly put into a corset will not be found in these factory direct deals, because they will not even understand the value of these details. It is the value of these details that has me coming back to Kinnaird again and again.
So if you want to buy a corset, buy a name brand corset and be safe in the knowledge you will look and feel great.
Paulina xxx
Stripe Corsets - 21 March 2012

Stripe Corsets - 21 March 2012

I've been a busy bee over the last few weeks. We've introduced a great new range of stripe corsets, both underbusts and overbust. Sometimes a girl just wants to keep it simple and that is exactly what these corsets do. We have green, black, brown and orange in stock ready for next day delivery. I'll be adding more stripe corsets, so keep your eyes peeled.
Love Paulina
Steampunk Corsets - 20 March 2012

Steampunk Corsets - 20 March 2012

Over the last few weeks we have been adding new steel boned corsets the website. The brown shadow stripe corset pictured here is a great example of a pin up corset which is also a steampunk corset.
Steampunk is a culture dedicated to a revamp of the Victorian Age. This classical age is mixed up with fantasy, typically filled with massive steam-powered mechs, and extravagant dirigibles. Steampunk genre is depicted in various different forms, including clothing, music, art, and literature.
Various designers are beginning to incorporate cogs, and gears, classic steampunk designs, into there clothing lines, and fashion shows. Typically, however, steampunk fashion can be seen as a growing trend. Groups of friends get together, wearing stylized, and often modified, Victorian style clothing, portraying themselves as pirates, explorers, adventurers, or even mild mannered socialites. Outfits include decorated coats, and top hats, goggles, and sometimes ray guns!
Keep your eyes peeled for other new steampunk corsets which are on the way.
What The Difference Between The Steel Boned & Tightlacing Corsets? - 19 March 2012

What The Difference Between The Steel Boned & Tightlacing Corsets? - 19 March 2012

Steel boned corsets are usually designed to reduce the wearer's waist by between 4 and 5 inches. Tighlacing corsets, otherwise known as waist training corsets, are designed to give a 6 to 7 inch waist reduction. On the corset pictured here, this is acheived by doubling the number of steel bones in the corset from 12 to 24.
These corsets are primarily for waist training, in other words for customers who wish to have a permanent waist reduction. We would always advise that you get medical advise before embarking on waist training.
Become A 1940-1950's Pin Up Model Like Paulina - 06 April 2011

Become A 1940-1950's Pin Up Model Like Paulina - 06 April 2011

I love retro pin up looks and they are becoming more and more popular in advertising, pop culture and advertising while the high fashion industry are still favouring the tall gaunt models, more companies are looking for curvier bodies and a great sense of style in the models that they choose.
The 1940’s and 1950’s pin up look was very feminine and sexy, today pin up models often work in burlesque and lingerie modelling. Confidence is essential if you are thinking of becoming a pin up model.
Step 1
Research the internet and books for pinups, calendar girls and the styleof the 1940’s and 1950’s. Also have a look at today’s pin up models and burlesque girls such as Dita Von Teese and Bernie Dexter. Make sure that you know that you can comfortably wear the pin up style clothing as some of it can be quite restraining. While curves are a big part of the pin up look, you still need to be toned. There is a marketplace for larger pin up models, if they have a great sense of personal style.
Step 2
Make those essential finishing touches to perfect the look. The pin up girls of the 1940’s and 1950’s each had their own trademarks, so ensure you pick out your best features. Wear figure hugging pencil skirts and high heels if you have that typical hourglass shape to draw more attention to your waist line and team this up with some killer heels to really elongate your legs! And if you have a better bottom half, wear a corset that will really pull your waist in and still trim your hips to give that much sought after hourglass shape! I would recommend any of our Dita corsets that can pull your waist in up to four inches but still providing the coverage for your hips so you don’t get that unwanted overhang. Also keep in mind that part of the retro pin up look is the right undergarments. A waist clincher and bullet bra will really give you a true pinup look, check out our trixi underbust collection for a range of different looks!
Step 3
Find a photographer. To start work as a pin up model, it is a real must to have a good portfolio of photos. Search the web for an experienced pin up model photographer and maybe invest in a hair stylist and makeup artist for the best retro photos. if you are already based in a city with a good rockabilly or burlesque scene, this could be a good starting point to find a photographer.
Step 4
Promote yourself! As with all kind of modelling, it can be extremely competitive to get noticed therefore it is important to stand out from the crowd! If you have any other skills, consider the possibilities of burlesque or other stage performance to further your work as a pin up model. Set up your own social networking page, i.e Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to really get yourself out there!
Step 5
Consider hiring an agent. While not all modelling agencies work with pin up models, some do manage models with an alternative, retro, rockabilly or pin up look. But be really careful who you sign up with, read the contract and do not pay any money! A reputable agent will not charge you monay upfront.
A few extra tips from Paulina
"It is an absolute must that you invest in some red lipstick! Particularly for your portfolio! Red lips are a trademark for nearly every pin up girl! Don’t fret if you have a tattoo or two, most tattoos are typically quite accepted for modern pin ups. And make sure you can walk in your heels! There is nothing worse than a girl who can’t walk in their heels!"
That's all guys & dolls
Paulina xxx
Paulina's History Of Pin-Up - 03 April 2011

Paulina's History Of Pin-Up - 03 April 2011

Guys & Dolls, I've done some research and have put together a brief history of the pin-up look, I hope you enjoy reading it. Paulina xxx
Pin-up modelling first emerged in the early 1900's- about the same time as our we started making their corsets! And since that moment it influenced the way society saw sexuality.
The name 'Pin Up' was first developed when people who saw images in magazines and newspapers would rip the pages out and pin them up. These images were rapidly becoming more and more popular and many businesses started to catch on, producing a possible profession for girls.
Around the 1910's and the 1950's, the 40's and 50's being the real peak for the pin up models and were consistently appearing in advertisements, magazine spreads, posters, photography and films and from then the standard of today's model emerged, urging the concept idea for Playboy Magazine.
Since they first emerged, Pin up girls have always had the same features. The typical pin up model has combed in pin curls, a bouffant or flowing curls, porcelain skin, bright red lips and bright eyes with minimal makeup for a more natural look and. She wears classic girdles, vintage thigh highs, corsets, bustiers, full brassieres and slips and to finish the look off she will top it off with platform heels. Pin Up models symbolise style and sophistication which is their main attraction, they have a sort of playfulness and innocence that men in particular are attracted to. They are photographed in bathing suits, corsets, lingerie or even completely nude but still covering their assets. They are pictured in acts of sunbathing, cooking, bondage, etc.
Paulina's Tips On How To Dress Pin Up Model Style - 29 March 2011

Paulina's Tips On How To Dress Pin Up Model Style - 29 March 2011

The pin up look I love so much can be incorporated into all styles with any kind of body type and the current pin up model style is changing the standard of beauty. These women and artists present an image of glamour that is a mixture of the past and present style.
Step 1 :
Choose a hairstyle from 1940’s that will complement your face shape. The 1940’s hairstyle is usually a combination of pin curls, side-reverse rolls or victory rolls. You can either try master the hairstyle yourself, find a wig or go to a stylist. Ebay is a great site to purchase wigs and at a reasonable price!
Step 2 :
Choose your makeup. Next time you are out shopping, visit your local makeup store and seek out the advice of a professional and their opinions on the right colours for your complexion.
The typical look of the 1940’s produced a natural look that focused on the eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. Your eyebrow colour should match your hair, the brows should be shaped with a long thick arch that tapers off into a point. Once styled, eyebrows are emphasised with an eyebrow pencil. The colour of the eyelashes depends upon your hair colour, dark hair should wear black while blonde or redheads wear brown. Natural looking fake eyelashes or extensions can be used to emphasise eyes. Eye shadow colours should be neutral with highlighting that deepens the eyelid. Cheek rouge should produce the effect of a slight blush. Lip colour should be as dark and deep as deep as your skin tone allows. The lips are lined in the same colour as the lipstick.
Step 3 :
Corsets are actually an exception rather than the rule in the classic pin up look and you are in the right place if you want to purchase one to add to your look! All of the waist reducing underbust and overbust corsets featured on this site are made using high quality steel bones to give that much sought after hour glass figure and are made using the finest and most unique cloth. When choosing a corset, I would probably recommend going for one that is a little more understated so that it doesn’t dominate the look.
Step 4 :
Dress in costume. Usually, the look was a naughty girl next door. Everything from a sailor suit to the wayward country girl can work. If you type in 'World War II Pin Up' it should offer a selection of ideas of the type of look that should be achieved.
Step 5 :
The hosiery and undergarments can either make or break the look; these are usually vintage thigh highs with classic girdles and full brassieres. We will be adding a selection of classic pin up wear to this site very soon!
Step 6 :
Pick your shoes! The open-toe platforms are the most recognisable 1940’s shoes. Baby Girl Boutique has a good selection that you can choose from! But remember that red is a sassy colour that can definitely achieve that look!
Step 7 :
For a more retro look, find tattoo alternatives, this would seal the classic pin up look and make it more contemporary. Real or alternative, a quick internet search will provide you with some ideas.
A few extra tips from Paulina: Patent your look and define your style! The pin up look goes back a hundred years and any one element can be incorporated into your look! Don’t be afraid to be fresh and daring!
Love Paulina xxx
Corsets For All Shapes & Size - 26 March 2011

Corsets For All Shapes & Size - 26 March 2011

At true corset we believe there is a corset out there for everyone, regardless of shape, size and yes even gender.
We are always increasing the variety of corsets that we offer, large corsets, small corsets, pink corsets, burlesque corsets, sequin corsets..... to make sure everyone can get their ideal corset from us.
The Kinnaird designer brand offer [large corsets}, going up to a size 44". These beautifully crafted large corsets are available to order from us online.
They give the wearer the most incredible hourglass figure, so why not try out a one of the large corsets....and look fabulous.
Helena's Amazing Corsets - 25 March 2011

Helena's Amazing Corsets - 25 March 2011

Helena recently confimed something we all know, 'It's amazing what a corset will do,'
The 44-year-old actress, renowned for her quirky dress sense, turned heads at a Los Angeles Awards ceremony last week with her curvy look.
Helena Bonham Carter has revealed how she is a big fan of corsets because they make her chest look bigger.
When asked on the red carpet what she was wearing by reporters at the recent Directors Guild of America Awards, she responded: 'Today I'm wearing huge breasts.
'No, it's a corset. They're still real - if you get a proper corset.'
She said the corset fooled people into thinking her breasts are bigger than they are.
'I'm not all that well-endowed. These are my Golden Globes. Who needs Golden Globes when you've got these?
Confirming something us girls all already know, a proper corset steel boned corset will work wonders for your figure as well as your self esteem.
Introducing: Our new tight lacing corset! - 22 March 2011

Introducing: Our new tight lacing corset! - 22 March 2011

Many of you have asked us to introduce specialist tight lacing corsets. The steel boned corsets we currently offer are designed to take at least 4 inches off the wearer's waist.
The Kinnaird Ireland corsets, all of which have Kinnaird's patented cloth reinforcement method, are able to take 6 inches off the wearer's waist without extra boning. It also helps that Kinnaird only use high density European steel bones, which are stronger than bones from the Far East.
To cater especially for the more experienced tight lacers and waist trainers, here is the first of specialist tight lacing corsets range. In the underbust tight lacing corsets range, each corset has 20 steel bones. We have basically double boned this whole corset and reinforced the cloth to cope with the extra pressure.
This is a true corset exclusive and has been made especially for us. Most good tight lacing corsets tend to be quite expensive, usually costing well over £100. By designing this ourselves and getting this made in bulk, we can offer an incredible price on this tight lacing corset.
We expect a high demand for the tight lacing corsets, so hurry stocks are limited.
Love is in the air...- 9 February 2011

Love is in the air...- 9 February 2011

Hello lovely ladies,
With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought id give you all a few ideas to get things hotting up!
Throughout February we are bombarded with Valentines Day ideas from flowers and chocolates to teddy bears and jewellery so why not try something different this year!!
For all you single ladies out there, you need a show stopping, eye-popping outfit to get you noticed!
Our beautiful dita corset in rouge will defiantly get attention and for even more of a statement the floral jacquard corset is a must!!
Remember girls, corsets are not just for the bedroom, they look amazing paired with jeans and skirts!! Take a peak at our separates for inspiration!!
For the ladies that have that special someone, why not treat them to a wild night in?
All our corsets can have suspenders attached to give that extra sex appeal, team with a pair of sexy panties, sheer hold-ups and some killer heels and you will not be disappointed!!
For the more daring the waist clinching under the bust red trixi corset will defiantly steal the show, and for more oomph the Ella overbust satin and lace corset is divine…
Happy valentines ladies xoxo
Much love
Paulina xxxxx
New year, new you, new look? - 13 January 2011

New year, new you, new look? - 13 January 2011

Happy New Year ladies!
After the festive season we are all feeling less than fabulous, so why not start the New Year with a new look??
We're all still talking Burlesque so for a few fabulous ideas for a new look, take a look at the ideas I have in store…
I loved Christina Aguilera's corset. Why not take a leaf out of Chistina, aka Ali's book with the silk jacquard corset in gold (£49.99)
This antique brocade silk Dita corset in teal never fails to impress. This is one of the longer corsets in the London corsets range and is styled to create a stunning silhouette by curving lower over the hips and finishing higher over the bust. When this corset is worn as an outer garment for evening functions, this corset is sure to turn heads and make you the star of the show.
For a more everyday look, lets look at Cher, aka Tess, with the silk dita corset (£89.95)
The Dita corset in black is our most popular corset. It is a wardrobe essential in the same way as a black dress, but a black dress cannot create the hourglass figure the way this corset can. It is incredibly versatile and freshens up any ensemble whether it be in the boudoir or ousrc="/media/oldblog//media/oldblog/oors.
For more ideas on how to create a burlesque inspired look, have a look at the products we have on offer, each promised to create a sizzling new you!!
This is Burlesque - 13 December 2010

This is Burlesque - 13 December 2010

'it takes a legend to make a star…'
Burlesque is a 2010 contemporary musical film, directed and written by Steven Antin. The film was released on November 24 in America and comes out in the UK on Friday 17th December!
Christina Aguilera and Cher star in the sequin studded film.
Burlesque tells the unique, riveting tale of a small town girl with big dreams and a big voice, who travels to Hollywood to make it as a star.
Centered on a Burlesque themed nightclub, where she finds a mentor and faces off with a rival as she claws her way to the top.
The film has a fab soundtrack, which consists of catchy Burlesque themed songs, including Express, which Christina Aguilera performed on the X factor on Saturday…
Cher also lends her voice to the film, 7 years after her last recordings!!
This is Christina's first major role in a feature film, and with a budget of $55 million and a cast along side her made from the likes of Cher, Kristin bell, Dianna Agron and Stanley Tucci this film is sure to be a hit!
The costumes from the film are dazzling, with the last dance sequence showcasing corsets with over 100,000 Swarovski crystals alone.
Throughout the film your eyes are treated to corset after corset and lots of saucy lingerie…
This film is a must see for all Burlesque fans and you can bet your tassels I'll be there!!
Dita brings the opium den to London - 28 November 2010

Dita brings the opium den to London - 28 November 2010

Hi ladies!
Last week I had the most fabulous time at Olympia in London at Erotica, for Dita Von Teese's show 'The Opium Den'!
More of a burlesque number than a show, the Opium Den opens in a Chinese styled room with paper lanterns. Pinpricks of glittering light and the shape of a reclining figure smoking an opium pipe are glimpsed through black fringe drapes.
Dita is slowly revealed, dressed in an ornamental black wig, an amazing Swarovski crystal-encrusted suit and red strappy sandals.
Then the undressing begins - the skirt peeled off, the shoes, the jacket discarded, before her wasp-waist corset is delicately unlaced and unclipped to reveal balconette bra, red-tasselled pasties, G-string and her perfect curves. She hides demurely behind a huge black gauze fan decorated with a golden dragon as the bra is flung aside.
Dita shimmies to the audience before writhing back in the boudoir, as red satin gloves caress her.
She also stayed for a book signing afterwards, although I wasn't lucky enough to meet her!
Dita 's breathtaking style is beyond compare and the opium den is a must see for burlesque fans everywhere
Dressing Like Dita Von Teese - 16 November 2010

Dressing Like Dita Von Teese - 16 November 2010

Dita Von Teese epitomises the burlesque scene and her look is admired far and wide. So in honour of this amazing lady I'm taking a look at how us mere mortals can get a look worth of Dita Von Teese.
Dita is never seen without stockings, and you can wear the same nylons that she uses in her burlesque shows and stage performances by visiting our hosiery section.
Dita is able to tightlace her corsets from a natural waist size of 22" down to 16.5". This type of waist reduction can take years to achieve and I personally would not recommend it to anyone but a serious tightlacer. I would, however, recommend the corsets from Kinnaird, Dita herself has worn corsets by Kinnaird. You can buy a basic black underbust (like the one in the photo) for less than £75.
Girdles & Garter Belts
How will Dita's fully-fashioned stockings stay up without the right garter belt? Fortunately we have this covered in our lingerie section, where we have only the finest garter belts and girdles.
Dita von Teese believes that "Lingerie is not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood." So embrace....
Cocktails With Dita - 02 November 2010

Cocktails With Dita - 02 November 2010

International burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese recently celebrated the launch of her delectable My Private Cointreau Coffret with a sexy photoshoot, showing off her famous curves with a floral corseted dress. The 50s-inspired cocktail kit looks like the perfect addition to any burlesque beauty's boudoir, and I can certainly see myself sipping from a Dita-embossed glass whilst getting ready for a night on the town.
Congrats Dita!
Burlesque! - 29 October 2010

Burlesque! - 29 October 2010

Have you seen the trailer for the new movie "Burlesque"?
If you have not then I would recommend you to check it out!
It is full of beautiful burlesque outfits, corsets and inspiring designs.
We cannot wait untill 17th December when it is released in the UK!
Creating Anthea's Curves - 15 September 2010

Creating Anthea's Curves - 15 September 2010

Although I must admit I'm not really an Anthea Turner fan, it was refreshing seeing her in a purple corset and that too with a leotard.
She ls looking great at 50! So good that people are asking the question where can we get that Anthea Turner corset look. Well if you look in our sale section we have a purple corset to recreate that timeless Madonna look that Anthea has copied.
Bernie Dexter - 3 September 2010

Bernie Dexter - 3 September 2010

Hi Ladies!
Have you seen our new photos with the fantastic Bernie Dexter?
We couldn't be more pleased with them!
Bernie has been a model for 4 years now. Since early childhood she has wanted to be a glamorous movie star from the 1940's or 1950's. Her mom was a burlesque dancer which may be the reason why Bernie has become one of the most successful and popular burlesque and pin-up models. Also, she is a fantic and talented model and licensed cosmetologist.
With her beautiful hair styles and always perfect make-up she never fails to deliver amazing photographs and wow the crowds!
You can learn more about Bernie on her website
We feel very priviledged to have her wearing our beautiful corsets and are very excited to have the new photos up on our website!
We hope you enjoy!
Executioners of fashion - 24 August 2010

Executioners of fashion - 24 August 2010

Tailors, bootmakers and corsetmakers are the executioners of fashion in this illustration! What a way to a girls heart.....especially mine! I couldn't agree more, give me a pair of georgous shoes, my favourite corset with a pencil skirt and I'm happy!
Rosie Shows Her Feminine Side - 11 August 2010

Rosie Shows Her Feminine Side - 11 August 2010

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley became one of Britain's most famous exports after starring in the upcoming Transformers film.
Now she has wowed the world by posing in a curve-enchancing corset for the cover of Love magazine. Wow indeed!
She has changed her usual blonde hair for a sultry red shade and paired with the bright red lipstick it gives her a radiant look. The animal print corset could not make her look more feminine!
People have compared her to Veronica Lake and even to Jessica Rabbit, but I know one thing for sure - she looks fabulous!
Megan Fox shrinks To a Tiny 18 Inch - 9 July 2010

Megan Fox shrinks To a Tiny 18 Inch - 9 July 2010

Hollywood actress and all round sex pot, Megan Fox, has been snapped filming scenes for the up and coming Western film, Jonah Hex. Megan left Transformers for bigger and better things, after Michael Bay requesting her to visit the tanning beds. The star said of the request that tanning is "not going to happen again because of the damage and the possible skin cancer".
For her new role in Jonah Hex, Fox managed to squeeze herself into a corset making her already tiny waist under 20 inches. The star told MTV: "It's small. We got it down to 18 inches. But in the action scenes, we loosened it up, because everyone was afraid I was going to pass out. At the end of the day when we would take it off, it would leave these deep grooves, these deep indents from the boning in the corset. I'd have it for the whole next day. The next 24 hours I'd be imprinted with the corset. It hurts your ribs!"
She explained, "It hurt, but you can't resist wanting to mess with it. I was obsessed with getting it as tight as we possible could and in a lot of the scenes we got it down really small."
The film centers on 1970s-era DC antihero Jonah Hex, a disfigured gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter. Supernatural elements combine with Western aesthetics to take viewers on a wild and bloody ride, with Josh Brolin leading the way as Hex and John Malkovich stepping into the villainous role of Turnbull. Fox plays the character of Lilah.
The colour of summer - 30 June 2010

The colour of summer - 30 June 2010

Wow! One word is all that's needed to explain the new stock that we here at True Corset have brought to you, our loyal followers. Not only do we have our delicious, curvy model, but we also have ten new corsets to tempt your burlesque tastebuds.
This stunning turquoise steel boned corset takes its inspiration from the catwalk, from designers such as the great Alexander McQueen, Versace and Giles Decon creating amazing garments with turquoise at the front of their colour chart.
Turquoise is the colour of summer and this floral jacquard corset would look extra stylish with bright pink lips and a pair of skinny jeans and super high heels. The higher the better so you can strut your stuff whilst walking down the street in your curve-enhancing corset. Create feminine appeal with the lighter shades of turquoise. Some shades of turquoise have an old-fashioned 50s and 60s retro feel.
For a nighttime look why not team this gorgeous summery corset with pin curls and a pencil skirt. I think this kind of glamorous look only works well with Dita Von Teese inspired stilettos, so if you haven't bought some yet pick them in black to make them versatile throughout the seasons.
It's useful to know that if your favourite colour is turquoise then it means you are sweetly feminine but have a lively sophistication. Isn't that what every woman wants?
This corset is crafted in a specially made floral jacquard cloth and can be purchased for £59.95 inc VAT.
Icon of the month - Bettie Paige - 10 June 2010

Icon of the month - Bettie Paige - 10 June 2010

I thought this week I would take a look back at one of my all time heroines, Bettie Paige, the woman who inspired me looks and career wise. The model/actress was born in 1923, becoming famous in the 50's for her pin-up and fetish inspired pictures. In America in this time, Bettie was seen as risqué, although it was nothing compared to today's standards.
Bettie was the one the earliest Playmates, featuring in Playboy as 'Miss January 1955'. Founder of the Playboy company, Hugh Hefner, said of the model: 'I think that she was a remarkable lady, an iconic figure in pop culture who influenced sexuality, taste in fashion, someone who had a tremendous impact on our society'. In 1955, Bettie won the title 'Miss Pinup Girl of the World'. She also became known as 'The Queen of Curves' and 'The Dark Angel'. While pin-up and glamour models frequently have careers measured in months, Page was in demand for several years, continuing to model until 1957.Although she frequently posed nude, she never appeared in scenes with explicit sexual content.
In later life, after E! covered her life story, Bettie refused to be photographed, many thought due to a battle with her weight, as she wanted 'to be remembered as she was before.' Bettie passed away in 2008 after a heart attack but not before she had left her mark on many in the world of pin up, myself included.
How to get that burlesque look - 7 June 2010

How to get that burlesque look - 7 June 2010

If you've ever wondered how Dita Von Teese gets that flawless make up look, follow these tips and I'll help you create a gorgeous burlesque look that will last all night long.
1. Firstly, you will need to prep the skin so cleanse, tone and use a light moisturiser so your base stays put all night. Of course, Dita has unblemished pale skin, but no matter what your skin tone, make sure your foundation matches it perfectly. No one likes to see a foundation line. Add a cream concealer under your eyes to hide those bags from partying too hard the night before. YSL Touche Eclart is the ideal under eye concealer. Set the base with a loose powder to create that picture perfect face.
2. The next step is to highlight the cheeks with a light rose colour. The cheekbones do not need bronzer, because remember we're trying to create a Dita friendly look. Pale is the new sun-kissed. A light sweep in a 3 motion along the cheeks, jaw and forehead is enough to get that flushed, just kissed a guy rose cheeks.
3. Eyes are the window to soul and they need a light sweep of a beige/cream eye shadow. Make sure eyebrows are plucked and brushed into place. Definition always looks great so add some eyebrow pencil to frame the face. Take a steady hand and draw black eyeliner along the top lid, following the line out to the corner of the eye to make a feline flick. Do the same to the bottom lid and add a row of false lashes. To make the eye stand out even more, take some lengthening mascara and put two coats on, top and bottom.
4. A red lip is the key part of the perfect burlesque look. Use a red lip-liner and draw carefully around your lips, creating a cupids bow. Draw the pencil all over the lip area, to make your lipstick last longer. On top of this add a red lipstick and blot the lips with a tissue.
5. Lastly on the cheek, carefully use a sharpened black pencil to draw a beauty spot to create the perfect Dita look! Now go hit the stage and teese the night away..

Venus sports a Can-Can corset - 27 May 2010

Tennis ace, Venus Williams, was snapped sporting a can-can style corset yesterday at the French Open Tennis Tournament at Roland Garros in Paris. Both Venus and Serena Williams are known for their unique sense of dressing through their matches and this outfit is nothing new to the sports star. The red spaghetti straps and corset dress has a feel of the 1890?s, with the skirt ruffled at the bottom to make a certain 'flounce' when Venus moved.
The press seemed to love the outfit with the first 8 questions at the post match press conference being about the outfit. The star said: "The motif is really about sporty sexy, and kind of that whole attitude of bringing that to my game, I usually don't wear red. This is kind of new for me."
Venus said she plans to wear the dress for her next match as well. If it continues to bring victories, who knows … maybe she'll get one in white for Wimbledon.
London hosts the Annual Burlesque Awards 2010 - 18 May 2010

London hosts the Annual Burlesque Awards 2010 - 18 May 2010

Last Friday the glitterati of Burlesque came together for the Annual Burlesque Awards 2010 at Café De Paris, in London's Leicester Square. The opening, by host and ringmaster, Armitage Shanks, bellowed across the crowd: Tonight, we're gonna make love to you individually and collectively. You're gonna want an adult but you're not gonna get one. It's an evening of inventory and it's only gonna get stranger from there."
The fabulously dressed crowd were treated to a variety of tantalising and titillating burlesque acts from across Europe - the UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Cardiff - by way of Paris.
The eager front row was sprayed by a magnum of champagne by the gorgeous Banbury Cross, dressed as screen siren, Marylin Monroe. Oh, how I would have loved to have been there. Maybe next year guys and dolls.
Later on Captain Anchor sang, Start Spreading your legs, to the tune of Sinatra's New York, New York and Catherine Delish cast off her outfit while mouthing along to the words of Judy Garland's hit songs, Get Happy - at one point whisking a US flag out of her corset.
Our home grown girls did well out of the night. Pixie Frisk won Best New London Act and the evening was rounded off with a triumphant roar when Ginger Blush, also from London, was announced as winner of Best Solo UK performance this year. A big well done all round.
Corsets for cats? - 13 May 2010

Corsets for cats? - 13 May 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier once created corset for his cat. I mean the designer is known for his eclectic style and weird but fabulous ideas but this may have gone over the mark. The designer - whose collections are famed for their boned waists - wanted to make a bespoke item for his beloved feline but soon realised it wasn't a good idea. He said: "Do you know that cats can't wear corset? They can't stand! Not at all - they just fall over. I know because I tried!"
I would love to see my cat, Shirley Bassie, try one of these out. She would no doubt have a spitting fit and claw me half to death. I was a little curious to see if anyone had ever achieved this so I went to my number one source, Google and only found a cat corset, which when clicked upon was a cat fancy dress costume with included a corset! I wanted to see animals' people! My next step was to type in 'Animal in corset', which brought up some very suspicious adult educational films if you catch my drift. Definitely not what I was looking for.
The frocks and the fun - 07 May 2010

The frocks and the fun - 07 May 2010

Monday night saw the glitterati migrate to New York for the annual Metropolitan Costume Gala hosted by Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour and television star Oprah Winfrey. The night saw some of the most glamorous and stylish frocks to walk the red carpet and I've chosen some of my favourite gowns with of course the added bonus of the curve enhancing corset.
First up see's Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart in a figure hugging black Chanel dress, which I first mistook for Vivienne Westwood with the pointed neckline. I think this gown would have worked a little better if it was completely floor length, taking off the unnecessary netting.
Next up, comes the stunning Jennifer Lopez, who by the way is over 40! Can you believe it? Jennifer looks radiant in this heavily embellished Zuhair Murad gown. I like to see Jen a little more glam and a little less ghetto.
Lastly we come to the curvasious Eva Mendes who looks fabulous in her Dolce and Gabbana floral dress, looking every bit the Spanish senorita. See how the fish tale, corset nipped in waist design of the dress highlights Eva's fantastic figure? The black floral print works well with Eva's latino skin colouring.
One piece to impress… - 28 April 2010

One piece to impress… - 28 April 2010

I was recently asked, as extronidaire of all things sexy, what one piece of lingerie should a girl wear to impress her man, whether it be the handsome new guy in her life or her husband who needs a little shaking up. I thought and I thought and even went to the lengths of discussing this with my male friends and it seems that a sassy pair of frilly French knickers should do the trick. Men can't help themselves when they see a girl in French knickers and with it being the only thing you're wearing I'm sure the man in your life will have no qualms. These gorgeous baby pink frilly knickers are a sure fire way to get you noticed in the bedroom (or maybe outside the bedroom if your feeling risky!) and priced at £14.30 incl VAT means you'll be able to treat yourself to one for every day of the week!

Three outfits for one big festival! - 26 April 2010

Dita Von Teese was spotted laughing with super star friends and enjoying herself last weekend at Coachella Music festival held in Indio, California. Dita sported a number of gorgeous outfits as seen above. First up she teamed a white corset top, with a point bra detail similar to that of Madonna singing Vogue, with some wide leg, denim trousers. These trousers has a look of Santa, maybe Santa at sea is more appropriate! Although the trousers were a little too wide for my liking, the top suited Dita's figure to a tee. Who would have known her breasts were fake? Secondly she was seen sporting a gorgeous fifties style tea dress, whilst chatting to friend Katy Perry. The burlesque beauty topped the look off with a hat by Phillip Treacy and how fabulous she looked against the casual, hippy lot that was dancing away at the festival. I'm glad she didn't see fit to change her style just to fit in with the 'fashion crowd'. Although it was last year, I came I thought I'd show you this stunning, geometric fitted dress that Dita wore to last years festivals. See how the nip in waist creates those killer curves?
Dior eat your stylish heart out! - 16 April 2010

Dior eat your stylish heart out! - 16 April 2010

How gorgeous does actress Mia Wasikowska look in this Christian Dior polka dot mesh and satin corset from the 2010 catwalk collection? This over the bust corset captures the ladylike, ultra feminine trend that is so present right now. This trend was seen on models walking the Louis Vuitton show, including Elle Macpherson so expect a hit of full swing skirts and corsets hitting the high street come Autum later this year.
The trend for underwear as outerwear has been spotted all over the high street with lace camisoles worn with jeans and flashes of brightly coloured bras are a big trend for night wear. I think this type of corset should be teamed with a fifties style full skirt and towering heels to capture that womanly trend. If your looking for an equivilant of this polka dot corset then why not try this Dita corset in black with white spots. Christian Dior eat your stylish heart out!
Rihanna - The Queen of the Corset? - 7 April 2010

Rihanna - The Queen of the Corset? - 7 April 2010

Pop princess, Rihanna is known now more for her outrageous style than for her music. Not to say that she isn't a credited artist, its just in recent years it has been her style that has kept her in papers and in with the fashion pack.
Designers are queuing to dress the singer, with favourites been Dolce and Gabbana and Jeremy Scott. If there were a queen of the corset then Rihanna would take that crown, whether that is stage outfits or walking through New York in a corset and ripped jeans.
Rihanna is one of the hottest artist of the moment and her style is something that can be easily replicated with the help of True corset. Why not try this Dita corset in Pink Duchess Satin teamed with distressed denim? Or even this Curvy Black Satin Over The Bust corset, worn with super high heels and uber trendy wet look leggings.
Dita loves her voluptuous fans! - 6 April 2010

Dita loves her voluptuous fans! - 6 April 2010

Dita Von Teese is looking lovely at a meet and greet as part of the Rockabilly Party Weekend held at the New Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday (April 3).
The 37-year-old burlesque beauty signed autographs and met fans - "Loved meeting my awesome-looking fans at Viva Las Vegas this afternoon!" Dita tweeted after the event. "So many voluptuous vixens!"
How gorgeous is her fifties style prom dress in cream and blue, nipped in at the waist to show Dita's wispy figure. I was green with envy until I saw this corset that we have here at True Corset, a burlesque corset in ivory with blue embroidery. Just team with a full fifties style skirt and add a red lip and you have the perfect Dita look!
Dita is finishing up a series of shows in Las Vegas - her final show in town is Wednesday (April 7)!
Empty nest Syndrome and how to survive - 24 March 2010

Empty nest Syndrome and how to survive - 24 March 2010

Both my children have left home now, one to be married and one to university and I must say the house seems extremely quiet without them. I once relished in the silence, basking in the hours of glorious relaxation before they both arrived home from school, screaming and shouting at each other, fighting and playing.
Empty Nest Syndrome is a psychological disorder that occurs when a parent's children have all grown into adulthood and moved out of the house. The loss of a child's dependency on a mother or father can be quite devastating to a parent. I didn't even realise how much my children's maturity was going to affect me until the day came for the children to leave.
Empty Nest Syndrome can occur with either parent, but it is most common among mothers. A depression and feeling of loneliness washes over the parent and without their children there to guide and nurture, they are lost. This occurs because so many years were spent identifying themselves as a parent. Parents who were especially close to their children will suffer from Empty Nest the most.
My advice is a good way to prevent Empty Nest Syndrome in the future is by maintaining your identity now. While children may be the centre of your world, be sure to take the time to enjoy your own life and pursuits. That goes for married couples as well- remember to stay a couple as well as Mum and Dad. Otherwise, once the children are gone, you will have forgotten who you are.
Trend of the week - Nude! - 15 March 2010

Trend of the week - Nude! - 15 March 2010

After this year's Oscars and Fashion month all rolled into one, one trend stood out amongst all others. That was the colour nude. It was seen on at least three of the hottest celebrities this weekend, including Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Miley Cyrus.
If a couture gown is out of your price range, which is definitely is mine, why not start from the base of any outfit and buy some nude lingerie. Nude is always flattering underneath clothing, especially with sheer tops and dresses.
As any true pin up girl will know the best way to create killer curves is to wear a steel-boned over bust corset, like this gorgeous creation. This Ivory Satin Ella corset would look fabulous with a pair of leg lengthening heels and a smile.
Here at True Corset we pride ourselves on being on hand for the hottest trends from the catwalk and whilst the colour is nude is in, then the Ella corset will be in hot stock.
The Glamazons - 14 March 2010

The Glamazons - 14 March 2010

These gorgeous four ladies make up the sexy burlesque cabaret act, The Glamazons! The American born group are currently working on their new album, with new song 'Sugar Rush' posted on their website so check them out.
They look absolutely gorgeous dressed up for their stage performances, with Sandy, Meryl, Laura and Sarah spending their time entertaining the crowd with their burlesque dance routines and singing. These full figured ladies have been performing in downtown New York since 2002 and have been a massive hit ever since their formation thanks to Meryl 'Lady' Finger, the founder of The Glamazons.
Here is one of The Glamazons tips for a truly fantastic wardrobe, without spending over the odds.
"When I buy a new pair of boots and they don't fit round the calf I take them to a shoe repair professional. There they will cut one to four vertical slits down the boots near the zipper then sew in the same colour elastic to make the boots stretch for a better fit."
Our range of steel boned corsets would be ideal for the ladies burlesque dance routines, making sure their curves are on full show.
Karl Lagerfeld's Plus Size shoot - 27 February 2010

Karl Lagerfeld's Plus Size shoot - 27 February 2010

After the uproar that Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld, created after his comments on plus size bodies it was surprising to see his input of styling credits for V magazine's body issue.
The issue itself showed plus size figures in their true beauty with spread such as Crystal Renn working the exact same looks at a smaller, thinner model. She looked fab! In one spread a naked Candice Huffine lays across the page, showing us that curves are definitely in fashion this season.
Lagerfeld's shoot, CoCo a Go Go, sees a Chanel inspired almost, over the top lingerie spread with corsages and pearls galore. The shots look fantastic and I hope that the designer can see how beautiful bigger models are and how fabulous the clothes can look.

Alexander McQueen 1970-2010-02-16 - 23 February 2010

Alexander McQueen, who some say was one of the most influencial fashion designers of our time, was found dead in his home last week, aged 40, after commiting suicide after the death of his mother.
The designer was renowned for his imaginative and thought-provoking creations, including his most recent mens 2010 Fall show in London, which was a collection of prints with McQueen being his usual subversive, brilliant, mischievous, visionary self.
The news of his death has hit the world of fashion hard with British Vogue editor, Alexandra Shulman saying: "His brilliant imagination knew no bounds as he conjured up collection after collection of extraordinary designs".
Matthew Williamson paid tribute to the designer, saying: "I am shocked and deeply saddened by McQueen's death - he was a genius and his talent was second to none."
"Like many others, I always cited him as a hugely inspirational leader of world fashion - he will be greatly missed."
Alexander McQueen, your death has shocked me and others around, may you rest in peace and hopefully be conjuring up some fantastic designs where ever you may have ended up, you will be greatly missed…R.I.P x
Burlesque hits the big screen - 18 February 2010

Burlesque hits the big screen - 18 February 2010

Pop star, Christina Aguilera is currently filming her acting debut in the up and coming film, Burlesque, a contempary muscial-film directed by Steve Antin.
Ali (Christina Aguilera) is a small-town girl with a big voice who escapes hardship and an uncertain future to follow her dreams to Los Angeles. After stumbling upon The Burlesque Lounge, a majestic but ailing theater that is home to an inspired musical revue, Ali lands a job as a cocktail waitress from Tess (Cher), the club's proprietor and headliner. Burlesque's outrageous costumes and bold choreography enrapture the young ingenue, who vows to perform there one day.
Soon enough, Ali builds a friendship with a featured dancer (Julianne Hough), finds an enemy in a troubled, jealous performer (Kristen Bell), and garners the affection of Jack (Cam Gigandet), a bartender and fellow musician. With the help of a sharp-witted stage manager (Stanley Tucci) and gender-bending host (Alan Cumming), Ali makes her way from the bar to the stage. Her spectacular voice restores The Burlesque Lounge to its former glory, though not before a charismatic entrepreneur (Eric Dane) arrives with an enticing proposal.
Pearl Flush - 10 February 2010

Pearl Flush - 10 February 2010

I'm obsessed with 50's star pin-ups, you know, the likes of Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe. I visited a vintage fair at the weekend and I came across a dusty box in the corner of the room that nobody seemed too bothered with.
Looking closely I came across a collection of prints by artist Pearl Frush. Pearl was a painter in the 1940's who captured girls at their best with her almost photo-realistic style of painting.
Pearl Frush was born in Iowa, although she and her family moved to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi when she was still a child. She enrolled in art instruction courses New Orleans before moving on to study in Philadelphia and New York. By this time her family had moved to Chicago, where she joined them after enrolling at the Chicago Art Institute.
I bought the whole collection of prints for a bargain of a price and I intend on framing them for my boudoir.
Immodesty Blaize - 02 February 2010

Immodesty Blaize - 02 February 2010

Immodesty Blaize, born Kelly Hitchin in 1978, is probably Britain's most successful burlesque performer of the 21st Century. Combining her hypnotic routines with a mix of burlesque and beauty, as well as winning titles such as Miss Exotic World in 2007, Immodesty is framed for bringing burlesque back to its best.
She was the first performer to bring burlesque back to the historic landmark The Windmill Theatre in 30 years in 2005 where she had the headline role in 5 month running West End show 'Burlesque".
The dancer had a best selling book in May last year, with another book in the pipeline later in 2010.
On the matter of holidaying Immodesty says "Sometimes I have to get away from the feathers and rhinestones. My ideal holiday involves sun on my body and sand beneath my stiletto-less feet. My last total switch-off trip was to Tobago, which was stunning. The only downside was that, as in much of America, topless sunbathing is forbidden.
Garment of the Decade - 14 January 2010

Garment of the Decade - 14 January 2010

Right from 2000 when the Spice Girls hit the scene, with Geri Halliwell in her pink satin corset, through to the 2010 trend of underwear as outwear, the garment of the decade has to be…drum roll please…the corset.It seen more than five revivals in one decade alone and has designers such as Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano to thank for its re-birth from the 30's. It was in 2004 when Dita Von Teese really hit the big time, with her burlesque dance routines and champagne lifestyle. She brought the corset back into fashion. As we go through the 'Noughties', corsets are on stage, screen, worn as evening tops and wedding gown bodices. Body shapes may change every year, with size 0 becoming acceptable in 2006 to now where celebrities such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez make curves sexy again.
Whatever your size, the corset makes the most of your shape, creating curves for the slimmer frame and highlighting the waist of the more voluptuous bodies. That's why to me, the corset is the garment of the decade.
Happy New Year! - 01 January 2010

Happy New Year! - 01 January 2010

Happy New Year ladies… welcome back from the team here at TrueCorset. Hope you all had a fabulous holiday and NYE celebrations. It's that time of year again when we all sit down and make our new years resolutions. The only one I'm making and intending to keep this year is to throw out all my off-white, seen better days underwear and try and match my lingerie every day. Wearing nice underwear makes you feel sexy inside and out. It helps your confidence levels rise and shines through as you go about your everyday mundane tasks.
Another reason for matching underwear is that it might help spice up your love life. Nothing is worse than that moment coming around and you have your Bridget Jones big pants on!
One thing that crosses my mind when getting dressed on a morning, god forbid, if I were to get knocked down today, I dread to think I could be the girl with saggy pants and a broken wire bra!
Crystal Renn - Plus Size Role Model - 10 December 2009

Crystal Renn - Plus Size Role Model - 10 December 2009

When I recently bought woman's glossy mag, Glamour, it was extremely refreshing to read an interview with plus size model and author, Crystal Renn.
Crystal was approached at the age of 14 by a model scout, who suggested that if she lost 4 and ½ stone she could make it as a fashion model. Renn weighed a healthy 11 and ½ stone at the time, which would have taken her to a tiny 7 stone!
This starvation took a hold of the model and she suffered with an eating disorder, confessing all to her agent and soon became a happy, healthy plus size model.
Crystal is the face of Evans and has also written a book about her time as a skinny model. Crystal remembers thinking whilst watching Nigella Lawson on TV, "God she's beautiful, she'd eat and not apologise for it. I think it's really helpful to focus on positive role models." I think Crystal herself is the prefect role model for curvy girls!
Trends - Pencil Skirts - 03 December 2009

Trends - Pencil Skirts - 03 December 2009

One of the key staple looks of autumn is the well-fitted pencil skirt. If you read Vogue or any of the big fashion magazines you'll see the pencil skirt splashed across the pages.
The look of a pencil skirt with a fitted shirt tucked in has that sexy secretary vibe going on and its one of my favourite burlesque essentials. It sits on the curves perfectly, enhancing a woman's hourglass figure.
I've added my favourite pencil skirt here to let you see the sexiness for yourself.
I love this black duchess satin pencil skirt, teamed with a curvy creating corset. I love this in black but I'd love it even more in a wild red, showing my fierce side!
MTV Europe Music Awards - 17 November 2009

MTV Europe Music Awards - 17 November 2009

Katy Perry, the host of this year's MTV Europe Music Awards held in Berlin, had no less than 12 outfit changes throughout the night. With each outfit came another spectacular design, her waist looking smaller than ever thanks to the clever corset design of her stage outfits.
Perry, who is linked to womaniser Russell Brand, is known for her more eclectic wardrobe choices and this year failed to disappoint. She opened the show in a sexy ring master outfit with a red boned jacket, to emphasise her teeny tiny waist, topped off with a bowler hat and a large sequin love heart in the front of her knickers.
She also wore a West Ham inspired corset, knickers and garter, a nod towards her current beau Brand, a United supporter. Perry hosted from inside a large red shoe, telling the crowd: "Last year I broke my MTV cherry. This year I'm more experienced - if you know what I mean."
Stop the diet! - 8 November 2009

Stop the diet! - 8 November 2009

I have a slight confessions girls, I had all good intentions to get my sorry ass to the gym and to stop eating my daily chocolate bar...but it somehow it didn't happen and now the scales are screaming at me to get off! So I thought what better time to shop for some body sculpting underwear. This under-bust girdle in black is almost good enough to wear alone without any clothes on top! :) Think my local builders would approve of my outfit choice.
This thing I like about this girdle is that I can wear my point bra without anything getting in the way and black, I think, can look the chicest of all colours.
Why worry about those excess pounds when all you need is a little help from some supportive underwear. I've always been a massive fan of television stylist and 'bap grabbing' extraordinaire, Gok Wan and his advice is "Have a good long mirror moment and be honest with yourself. If you have a double D chest that is nice and perky - admit it and be proud! If your bum is nicely rounded and very firm - show it off in a nice pair of jeans. Again, have a reality check. Look at other women and identify what looks good about them. Don't hide your best asset - show it off!"
Dita Hits Russia - 26 October 2009

Dita Hits Russia - 26 October 2009

Dita Von Teese is pictured here modelling designer Christian Lacroixs wedding gown for Decembers issue of Harpers Bazaar. I bring you these pictures because if you live outside the boundaires of Russia then you wont be able to witness the beauty that is Dita. I mean look at that flawless skin and her stunning figure in her lace bra and tuxedo jacket combo.
Dita commented on her love for Paris and LA. The 36-year-old burlesque stripping queen recently said, "Fashion week is over, and I have a day off to do whatever I want. I'm going apartment hunting. I want to live where the gays live… I'm going to live between Paris & LA for a bit & see who wins me over! There are things to love about both places."
Here at TrueCorset we love anything remotely Dita related and this shoot shows her at what she does best, looking glamourous. I officially heart Dita Von Teese.
Gaultiers Iconic - 13 October 2009

Gaultiers Iconic - 13 October 2009

When I saw this advert for Jean Paul Gaultier I knew I had to show you ladies, just for the sheer beauty of the photographic styling. I love the nude coloured corset with the chocolate coloured lingerie. This model manages to look sexy yet demure, something burlesque beauties achieve effortlessly. Gaultier is lover of the corset design as is fellow fashion extrodinaire Vivienne Westwood. Their designs make women feel fabulous, just as a corset should, making your body the perfect, desireable hourglass shape. The iconic perfume bottle is known world wide, without the mention of Gaultiers name, just by the torso shape with a frosted corset design.
Naomi Laid Bare - 6 October 2009

Naomi Laid Bare - 6 October 2009

When wearing this little it takes a killer body and a large heap of conviction. Naomi took the Paris Fashion Week this year for Russian designer Igor Chapurin, modelling this sheer corset with magnificent head piece, teamed with a teeny tiny beige skirt.
If I had a body like Naomi then I would not only strut like this down the catwalk, I'd pick myself up and strut down the street. Who cares about the bemused looks I may get.
I can image this piece been worn by style chameleon Lady GaGa or Gwen Staffani, maybe teamed with a nude camisole to make it more accessible to wear through the day.
"I bought a few items at his store in Moscow and he asked me if I would walk in his show," offered Campbell, who lives part-time in the Russian capital. "It's such a vibrant city. There is a lot going on there right now in design."
I cant really imagine the Russians walking round in this clobber taking into consideration the mighty cold winters they have.
Waist not, want not! - 1 October 2009

Waist not, want not! - 1 October 2009

So with luscious curves looking fuller than ever why hide them away as winter draws closer, when you can slip them into something a little more sexier. And whats more sexier than a satin, steel boned corset. The gorgeous corsets now go up to a brilliant size 30, which is 42? round the waist. Hello, Dita Von Teese here I come!
I cant decide which one I love the most, whether it be this stunning purple corset with black lace overlay or even a cheeky red coset which would look perfect with some black french knickers. Everybody likes to flaunt their curves and the guys certainly wont mind when I turn up in these. Christmas, my fellow glamouplus's has come early for them.

Summer's Over - 24 September 2009

Summer's over here in England so I've been thinking about changing my look. Something to suit the coming season, maybe I'll go for a more festive look.
I'll need a new corset and accessories to go with it, anyone out there got any good ideas?
Glorious Gloves - 18 September 2009

Glorious Gloves - 18 September 2009

A couple of years ago I went to a beautiful wedding in a Warwickshire castle. There was a very good looking lady amongst us, blonde hair probably a dress size 10. We were all wearing different outfits, she has chosen a classy little black dress.
When we had our photo's taken she looked positively bland. We all had our hats on with satin gloves and looked the part. The little extra touches made our outfits. Remembering that we've decided to introduce long black satin gloves into our range for that retro glamour.
If you look at those iconic 50's photographs the ladies always have gloves.
Frilly Knickers & Corsets - 11 September 2009

Frilly Knickers & Corsets - 11 September 2009

The corset brings 50's glamour any outfit, but sometime a girl needs a seductive accompaniment to the corset. So here it is, the frilly knickers.
The pin-up princess Bernie Dexter has modelled our georgous frilly knickers. They look great with corsets, or on their own as Bernie illustrates.
We have the frilly knickers available in black, pink, red and white, in sizes small, medium and large.
What Does Your Underwear Say About You?- 04 September 2009

What Does Your Underwear Say About You?- 04 September 2009

I would say that I have a lot in common with Bridget Jones….I like to drink, I am single the single gal and oh and I like to go to the extremes in order to keep my hourglass shape looking at its best.
Yes, I did once own a pair of those hideous beige shapewear undies, made famous by the movie that defined many women worldwide. Suddenly it was ok to admit that not everyone is a size 8 so therefore slipping into something that make you look more slender seemed ok!
A lot has changed in the past eight years since the reality of women's knickers secrets were put on the big screen for all to see.
Shapewear is now designed to appear sexier and some items of lingerie are now dedicated to the art of deceiving such as the wonder of the corset that aims to pull the waist in by 2-4 inches and in some cases 6 inches!
Needless to say, those ugly knickers only come out on very rare occasions and usually secretly get whipped off before anyone has a chance to discover the unattractive beige!

Mel B & The Corset - 3 September 2009

I never thought I would see it, Mel B in a corset on Oxford street!!!
Well it's not true, in that it's not a true corset.
Mel B was in a black and red satin plastic boned number, which I am sure made her look lovely. Although I can't help think how fab she would have looked in a true corset.
Maybe next time...
Megan Fox As Catwoman - 27 August 2009

Megan Fox As Catwoman - 27 August 2009

Rumours have been circulating that Megan Fox is set to follow in the steps on Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry by donning a tight PVC catsuit and playing Catwoman.
After seeing how great she looked in a corset for the soon to be released Jonah Hex, I can't wait to see how she looks in a catsuit. Maybe she'll combine the catsuit with a corset to get the shape we all desire.
Only time will tell, but we do have the Jonah Hex inspied corset in our store and maybe we'll have the Catwoman corset too, if she decides to play the part.
British Fashion Designer Favours The Corset For Her Designs- 17 August 2009

British Fashion Designer Favours The Corset For Her Designs- 17 August 2009

The fashion world is always on the move, changing from one season to the next, but there is one wardrobe staple that moves with the times and never goes out of style, you guessed it the corset!
The corset dates way back to the 1500's and has always been used to mould, accentuate and flatter figures right up until now to gain a sexy hourglass shape that most women strive for.
I believe that corsets are a timeless classic work of art, and I am not the only one! British fashion designer who is well known for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into mainstream! Quoting, "Corsets will not go out of fashion, for as long as women have curves".
Gotta love Vivienne Westwood!
Sharon Stone Poses Topless At 51!! Wearing A Waist Clinching Corset- 12 August 2009

Sharon Stone Poses Topless At 51!! Wearing A Waist Clinching Corset- 12 August 2009

I think sharon Stone is just fabulous! Here she is pictured on the front cover of a Paris magazine posing topless at the age of 51, has had three children and has the body of a 21 year old not to mention her stunning looks! Wow!
I really admire the Hollywood actress for sticking two fingers up at those who frown on topless modelling and doing it in style by wearing a very sexy waist clinching underbust corset! She has definatley got it so should go and flaunt it! :-)
Pure diva power! We like xx
The Black Myth As A Colour That Slims- 11 August 2009

The Black Myth As A Colour That Slims- 11 August 2009

Black has always been known as the "slimming colour" in that it will hide any unwanted lumps and bumps....I personally think this is wrong!
Do not be that woman that dresses herself in black from head to toe with the thought that it will make you look that little bit slimmer as it will only make you seem like that you are going to a funeral!
I'm not saying ditch the colour black completley, but to use it to your advantage rather than let it work against you.
A pencil skirt style looks the most sleek and slimming because it streamlines the body- team this up with a corset with a bit of colour and some heels with colour and you will be wearing the black rather than having the black wear you! as well as pushing in and pulling out in all the right places!
I personally would recommend teaming it up with a corset like our Pink Dita corset with black boning, the black vertical lines down the corset will also give the illusion of a much slimmer appearance, pair this up with some matching pink round toe court shoes and you will have a very chic pin up slender looking lady! :-) xx
Another Curvy Update From Hourglass News By Paulina De La Passionfruit! : - 07 August 2009

Another Curvy Update From Hourglass News By Paulina De La Passionfruit! :

- 07 August 2009
I know this is a little similar to my previous post but I want to tell all of my new found news...
After extensive research on this, I have now investigated to see what is actually attractive to men, the Size Zero? Or the Hourglass?
And well I have found that there have actually been studies on what is considered attractive to men and it all comes down to the waist hip ratio and apparently an instinctual thing, something to do with women being able to have children believe it or not!
The good old guys at the lab have investigated this fact and come to the conclusion that the waist to hip ratio (WHR) is a significant factor in judging female attractiveness . Women with a 0.7 WHR (waist circumference that is 70% of the hip circumference) are usually rated as more attractive by men from Europe, the curvaceous pin up icon of all time, Marilyn Monroe had a ratio of 0.7!
So there you have it, voluptuous hourglass figures are the best pin up bodies, girls back in the day actually ate and weren't all size zero fanatics! The 50's pin up curves is the perfect body, the small waist is so feminine and the curves are in all the right places!
corsets are ideal for moulding the already curvaceous lady in all the right places and just hiding the bits that you don't want to see, the result= sexy enviable 50's pin up hourglass!
Here pictured is Lindsay Lohan, Zero or Hourglass? I know which one I prefer!
Hooray! Women Now Want Curves!- 05 August 2009

Hooray! Women Now Want Curves!- 05 August 2009

I have just been doing a spot of browsing and have found many forums asking how to get “the curvy 40s/50s pin up body” and the answer on many occasions has been by wearing steel boned corsets, which evidently is true as the steel boned corsets are designed to pull in the waist by 2-4 inches and in some cases six inches in order to achieve an enviable hourglass shape- although this takes some perseverence to train the waist in!
If you want to achieve this shape by the use of corsetry, this would also need to be accompanied by a healthy diet, exercise and proper selection and use of the corsets and maybe a bit of research just to be on the safe side!
I am so happy that more and more women are slowly beginning to see sense and accept their natural beauty by moving away from the size zero hype! and now aspiring for a uscious, curvy body, which is how us ladies should be!
For the ladies who are lucky enough to get this naturally gorgeous hourglass shape, it does have its downfalls, which is why corsets are a wardrobe staple for every curvacious diva. They flatten the chest by pushing up the breasts and the laces pull in the waist to achieve that sought after hourglass figure admired by all men!
Here pictured is Kim Kardashian, sporting a gorgeous corset and enviable hourglass shape that makes her a favourite amongst many popular "Lads Mags"
Death Of The Size Zero?- 4 August 2009

Death Of The Size Zero?- 4 August 2009

After being a favourite topic for the media and an aspiration for several young women, the size zero fashion finally seems to have passed on and the healthier more in proportion sizes seem to be back in full force with women celebrating their curves rather than hating them.
Size zero received a lot of negative publicity for being linked with eating disorders such as anorexia and starvation and obsession.
Are we about to see a change in the way we view body image?
There are now plus size popstars, a size 16 beauty queen and the first magazine in the UK solely for plus size ladies, could we now see the death of the size zero?
Plus model Velvet D'Amour hit the headlines when her gorgeous curves were used on the John Galliano and Jean Paul Gautier runway for their Spring collections in 2006.
Velvet was born and raised in the States but has lived in Paris, France since 1996.
I am so happy that we have now expanded our range so our corsets go up to a size 30! Us girls must celebrate our curves like Velvet, better still in the style of a 50's pin up style diva!
For the luscious curvy diva's I would recommend going for the Dita range of our corsets as they are longer in length covering the hips and also provided that extra room needed for the bust.
Shapewear Can Be Sexy With True Corset- 3 August 2009

Shapewear Can Be Sexy With True Corset- 3 August 2009

Summer is definitely the hot season for weddings and a time when it is essential for the bride to look and feel her best on the big day!
With this is mind, take a look at our Ivory Duchess Satin Ella corset and the Baby Blue Satin Angelica corset as the perfect ingredients to achieve a great shape and great look on your wedding day.
By pushing in and pulling out in all the right places, the corset will allow the wearer to obtain a waist reduction of around 2-4 inches and some women can lose up to six inches from their waist, so there is now no need to choose between something that gives you a great shape and something that looks great as the {LINK] does both.
The simplistic style of the Ivory Duchess Satin Ella corset is sexy without being fussy, perfect for wearing under your wedding dress so you can have the best of both worlds on your big day and in sizes 8-30 there is something for everyone.
This corset is one of my faves! and not to mention the writers at who loved it! :-)
You can leave your hat on! -31 July 2009

You can leave your hat on! -31 July 2009

mini hat are fantastic for adding the finishing touches to any outfit, particularly if you are opting for the burlesque or showgirl look.
The gorgeous mini hat featured on our site are sure to turn some heads! They are available in a range of designs varying from leopard print, to polka dot to velvet, perfect for the art of seduction and tease!
Bustle Skirts Then And Now - 28 July 2009

Bustle Skirts Then And Now - 28 July 2009

Now a favourite on the burlesque fashion scene, the bustle skirt first emerged as a fashion accessory for women back in 1870 and 1875, it has altered in appearance through era to era and now can be seen in a range of different lengths and colours.
Made from sumptuous duchess satin, our selection of bustle skirt will add a hit of burlesque glamour to any occasion.
The rouched ruffles of satin are featured from top to bottom with the skirt lying just above the knee and a tie front. The sleek satin bustle skirt is available in black, pink and red. A perfect partner for a corset!
Pin-Up Pencil Skirt - 27 July 2009

Pin-Up Pencil Skirt - 27 July 2009

pencil skirt are one item of clothing that will never go out of style, a sleek black satin pencil skirt is a closet staple. It’s at a conservative length whilst still being sexy, showing off curves whilst holding everything in, perfect for teaming up with a corset.
Here at True Corset we offer a fantastic sleek black pencil skirt made in soft duchess satin and in a wonderful figure hugging shape which is pictured with our very own Silk Dita Corset in Crimson and our black satin bolero. A perfect combination!
Katie Perry is frequently pictured favouring the pin up look, here she is pictured wearing an electric blue pencil skirt.
Bolero's The Icing On The Cake - 24 July 2009

Bolero's The Icing On The Cake - 24 July 2009

The bolero is great for us ladies that feel a little bit naked without the extra coverage of having something on our shoulders.
Cardigans and jackets can be a little dowdy or overpowering on an evening outfit at times, which is why the bolero is a great little number for adding a touch of 50’s glamour to the outfit. Whether it is to hide any bulges or keeping the evening chill at bay it is the icing on the cake to complete the look!
Here at True Corset we sell satin bolero’s in black, ivory, pink and red, which look great when teamed up with a corset!

Man Oh Man What A Corset - 23 July 2009

First come the GHD mini hair straighteners for men and now wait for it...we have corsets for men!
Long gone are the days where women have access to all the look good tools, men want a piece of the action too and indulge in the nip tuck factors of the corset!
Men’s shapewear has progressed substantially over the years including, briefs, tank tops and t-shirts which have been designed to flatten the stomach, now we have the man corset or mirdles for girdles as some like to call them.
First to hit US stores is hottest new style undershirt, which along with helping you to look slimmer also eases back pain and supports posture. The tight fitting t-shirt which looks a bit like a cyclists top, in some stores has already sold more than 30 percent its stock in four weeks.
Men hold your breath...your going to need the practice as True Corset will have their very own Man corset coming to the site very soon. Watch this space!

West Coast Style - 22 July 2009

The west coast of America is home to some of the hottest corset wearing women in the world staring with the city of excess Las Vegas, which bills itself as the entertainment capital of the world.
Las Vegas is a paradise of scantily clad showgirls, using the power of the corset in their stage outfits to lure the passing crowd into their elaborate performances.
Teamed with elbow length gloves and bustle skirts, these performers give Las Vegas the sparkle it is famous for.
Wearing a corset gives the girls the sex appeal and vivaciousness that enables them to light up the strip. The power of the corset gives an hour glass figure most women envy and most men desire.
Moving up the west coast to Los Angeles takes us the Hollywood hotspot, The Viper Room. It was here that chorographer Robin Antin began her career with the modern burlesque troup, the Pussycat Dolls.
They performed with various guest vocalists, whilst dressed in lingerie or old-fashioned pin up costumes. The corset played a big part in their success, receiving widen press coverage in 1999 when Playboy featured a pictorial with some of the Pussycat members.
Sex kitten, Carmen Electra, fronted the group for many of their shows before finally leaving the burlesque phenomenon when they were signed by music lable, Interscope Records.
Its these gorgeous, pop princesses that are known to us today still wearing their curve enhancing corsetry.
If the east coast of America is known for its fashion forward socialites than the west coast should be its sexier, younger sister with killer attitude and killer curves to match.
Celebrities in Corsets - 21 July 2009

Celebrities in Corsets - 21 July 2009

If its sex appeal that you want, then it's a corset that you need. Some of the worlds sexiest women, including Kate Beckinsale, Katy Perry and one of Hollywood's favourite pin ups, the queen of curves, Marilyn Monroe, have all succumb to the powers of the corset.
Looking back to the launch of Moulin Rouge, a film based around the 1880's French cabaret era, it was female lead Nicole Kidman that brought the corset back into the limelight with her black, sweetheart neckline corset.
Alongside the films release, four of the hottest female music artists released the Lady Marmalade, the films soundtrack with a Moulin Rouge inspired video. Soon the curve enhancing powers of the corset was on everybody's lips.
Although, it was Hollywood beauties such as Ava Gardner, Bridget Bardot and model Bettie Page that had men mesmerised by the sight of their hourglass figures encased in corsets.
Taking a more modern approach, girl group phenomenon, The Pussycat Dolls, have used their female charms to win a strong following of both male and female admirers. Their stage outfits have a strong dominatrix styling, including black PVC corsets, designed to allow the freedom to dance without allowing any body part to break free.
The ever eccentric Katy Perry is known for her outrageous stage outfits, including a Hello Kitty corset that she wore for the Brit Awards 2009.
One of music's most popular and unconventional dressers, Lady Gaga has been seen wearing a number of structured, symmetrical corsetry whilst on tour. The singers flamboyant style is hard to recreate, with the majority of her wardrobe filled with one off hand made creations, making the haute couture queen of pop.
With one of the most eagerly awaited comeback tours to date, pop princess Britney Spears failed to disappoint with her worldwide circus tour this year. Spears wore a number of cirque de soleil outfits including a black satin corset, ring master coat whilst accessorising with a leather whip and top hat.
Although the singer has worked hard to get back into shape, the design of the corset made sure the singer was looking back on form and at her sexiest yet.
Sultry Silks By Paulina De La Passionfruit - 20 July 2009

Sultry Silks By Paulina De La Passionfruit - 20 July 2009

Check out my sultry silk corset collection as the must have ingredient to achieving that sought after hourglass figure.
Boasting 50's style glamour in gold, crimson or teal, the silk jacquard dita corset is elegant and exquisite. The silk jacquard is made the old fashioned way, by a family of artisans giving it a unique look and feel.
The lace up back makes it fully adjustable to fit your figure while the longer line of the corset makes it great for shaping the hips and waist as well as providing extra room for the bust.
The sizing ranges from 20" - 36", that is roughly dress size 8 - 24 so there is something for everyone in every style!
More Plus Size Corsets By Paulina De La Passionfruit - 17 July 2009

More Plus Size Corsets By Paulina De La Passionfruit - 17 July 2009

I'm delighted that our pin up inspired boutique has now expanded its range to cater for all!
High quality, plus size corsets at a reasonable price are often difficult to find anywhere. So my team have decided to concentrate a lot more on tailoring their designs to plus size women and we have started stocking corsets up to a size 42" which is about a UK dress size 32. At the click of a button a wide range of corsets are now available!
I make sure that we only stock real corsets, this means that the wearer will be able to obtain a waist reduction of around 2-4 inches and some women have even been known to lose up to six inches with a tight laced number!
The corsets are made using a steel busk which is runs up the front of the corset and is designed to pull your stomach in and hold it in place, aided by plenty of steel bones.
It is now possible to buy your dream corset! The site offers a range of styles from sexy to flirty that will definitely flaunt your curves in the style of modern glamour or classic 50's pin up, a must have ingredient to achieve that sought after hourglass shape.
Online Boutique Take On Pin Up - 01 July 2009

Online Boutique Take On Pin Up - 01 July 2009

Online boutique, takes on a fictional Facebook pin up to spread the word that is
New recruit, Paulina De La Passionfruit is one burlesque beauty who is hoping to take on the new social networking phenomenon by a storm- showcasing the brands collection of waist reducing underbust and overbust corsets with her to die for hourglass figure!
Once a peaches and cream blonde, Paulina is now a reformed sultry brunette that loves everything burlesque and hopes that her new found friends on Facebook will enjoy her 50's style pin up poses in the brands latest additions.
Paulina, believes that her enviable hour glass figure is down to the brands high quality steel bones underbust and overbust corsets which pull her waist in that extra few inches needed for those sought after curves.
New recruit Paulina de la Passionfruit said: "I am delighted True Corset have taken me on to showcase their corsets,
"A corset never goes out of style! It is the single most attractive piece of clothing a woman can buy! Once a garment that was used to oppress is now the ultimate expression of sexuality and freedom,
"True Corset make real corsets at a reasonable price, made with generous amounts of steel and cloth that is generously reinforced, this helps achieve the sexy and seductive hourglass figure and can help achieve a waist reduction of up to 4 inches, on their specialist made to measure corsets this can be increased to six inches! Which is how I maintain my 50's pin up pose for my friends on Facebook!"
"It doesn't matter what shape you are. Burlesque is about feeling positive about who you are and about knowing how to shake what you have and being proud of it! Hopefully by bringing back burlesque, it will bring back the kind of body that is round on top and round on bottom!"
To see more of Paulina De la Passionfruit visit and add her as a friend or visit to see why she loves the corset so much!

All in the name of Charity

Although it was way back in 2007, practically a lifetime in fashion years, I'm sat here reminiscing of when some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities teamed up with internet auction site, Clothes off our Back, to design and create a series of corsets that were auctioned off in the name of charity.
The money raised from the sales of the corsets went on to be divided between numerous children's charities such as Second Harvest, The Art of Elysium and World Education.
Each year the stars are given a special design kit which is then passed to costume designer to the stars, Linda Stokes, who is known in the industry for her outrageous on stage outfits for stars such as Gwen Stefani.
In previous years actresses Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman have raised a combined $28,000 for their corset creations.
In 2007, burlesque super-vamp Dita Von Teese raised a staggering $20,000 for her swarovski crystal and ostrich feather design. Of all the corsets, this was my particular favourite. I envisioned wearing the flamboyant piece with big hair and even bigger eye lashes. If only my budget stretched to a few more thousand.
The event was held at Fredericks Flagship Store on Hollywood Boulevard, with the online auction running a week after.
The auction brought together some of the biggest stars in the music, film and entertainment industry with names such as Christina Aguilera, Ashlee Simpson, Mandy Moore, Fergie and Eva Longoria.
The Desperate Housewife star brought a touch of glamour to the event with her slinky black number, which wouldn't have looked out of place on her television character, Gabrielle.
Other celebrities took the comic route, with actress Sarah Michelle Gellar's yellow and black taxi inspired corset.
Fashionista Ashley Olsen kept to her stylish routes with her black feather, figure hugging design.
Singer Jessica Simpson used her sweet as sugar image to design a white corset, using large red sequins for a hint of her hidden siren, whilst female lead of pop group The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, kept her corset sleek, black and sophisticated, using satin trimmed bows to draw attention to the sweetheart neckline.
Even the male stars got involved with Andy Garcia creating a Cuban inspired corset, using his native flag for inspiration.

A showgirl should never reveal her actual measurements

It qualifies as possibly the daftest corset story of the year so far but, as we all know, one should never let the facts get in the way of a good corset story.
And let's face it, nobody was hurt. But at what point did Fleet Street hacks lose their collective marbles and fail to question reports that Kylie Minogue, with the help of a corset, had a waist the size of a swollen ankle?
There will be a touch of schadenfreude among women when they realise that Kylie's waist is not, we repeat not, 16 inches - even with the help of a pearl-encrusted John Galliano corset.
And how do we at MediaGuardian know this? Simple. Because her PRs told us so. In fact reporting of her saucer-size waist has been so widespread in the last six days, that the singer her self has felt obliged to release a statement denying that even the tightest of corsets couldn't do that to her waist.
To see just how it became received wisdom, we have to go back to the article about Kylie and her corset in Daily Star last Thursday. Its report on her impressive measurements, with the help of a corset, this was then picked up many of the other nationals, including the Daily Mail, News of the World, Sunday Mirror and the Guardian.
It didn't matter that Murray Chalmers, Director of PR at Parlophone, has also denied the 16-inch claim, saying that the original statement he gave to the Daily Star about the "tiny" corset that Kylie would be wearing on her current tour did not give specific measurements. But let's face it. He's a PR for a showbusiness star and his protests weren't too heartfelt. Free publicity, for an ageing pop star, has got to be worth its weight in gold.
"Tightly Minogue, Design's corset will squeeze star's waist to just 16 inches," revealed the Star in its "exclusive" featuring he corset's creator, a man who is apparently huge in the corset industry - for shrinking women's waists - and goes only by the name Mr Pearl.
The Mail thought it was such a good corset story, it followed it up on Friday with "Sweet Sixteen: That's the number of inches in Kylie's waist with the help of a very tight corset."
And for good measure, it used her tiny waistline to twist the knife into another popstar - Posh Spice has also been given the Mr Pearl treatment, in the form of an 18-inch corset that she wore at her wedding. Got that? 18 inches. Very Daily Mail.
But there was more to come. The News of the World piled in on Sunday, as did the Sunday Mirror. "What a corr-set!" said the Screws, while the Mirror buried the detail of her 16-inch corset waist deep into its story as if it were, well, fact.
But shouldn't alarm bells have been raised by Monday, when the Daily Mail graphics department illustrated as does today, what the "actual size" of Kylie's tiny waist was on page 9?
In a just-in-case-you-missed-it corset story by the Mail yesterday, the text of the article is delivered within a tape measure showing that you can only just comfortably sit your coffee mug into the circumference of corseted Kylie.
Or a swollen ankle, as Vanessa Feltz says in her Daily Express column today.
Food for thought is provided by a small piece about Nigella Lawson, thrown into the bottom of the Mail analysis about how she feels liberated by her decision not to be thin. "But you know what it is?" says Nigella. "Long ago I decided that I didn't want to be very thin."
Thank goodness for that. But it's not quite over. The Guardian even got in on the act with a feature today asking if it was possible to achieve said corset measurement with the aid of a good tight corset.
So the last word in this flight of fantasy must go to the lady in the corset herself, Kylie:
"A 16-inch waist, wow! Even I would be amazed by that.Of course that is an exaggeration, but a showgirl should never reveal her actual measurements."
As corset stunts go, it was magnificent - everyone was a winner, including the corset companies. The PRs have got publicity for her tour, the newspapers were able to run sexy pictures of one of the nation's favourite pop divas in a revealing corset and an even better bonus - the story sprogged spin-offs keeping us all entertained for nearly a week .
The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll and Michael Robson
The skinny on corsets

The skinny on corsets

When it comes to lingerie and sexy clothing, the corset ranks pretty high on the scale in terms of sex appeal. The problems many women (and men) face is understanding how to purchase a real corset, differentiating between the various corsets and their prices, and learning how to pick out one that will fit just the way it should.
Now add in the fact that more and more people are buying corsets on the Internet, and you can see where it becomes even more difficult.
The good news is that with a few tips, you will be picking out the perfect corset -- one that's meant to thin you down and make you look hot, no matter how cold it is outside.
Real corsets have steel boning
Confusingly, there are bodices, which look somewhat like corsets -- and then there are true corsets. Bodices will be much cheaper in both price and quality, and they will not have any boning of any kind in them.
The boning in corsets is necessary to keep that taut design that stops the corset from folding with your body. If you’re looking at a corset in a shop, you should be able to bend it to test the boning. If it does not snap back, there may be a problem. In fact, if the boning isn’t done the right way and you notice it kinking instead of snapping back, that’s a sign that it will press and dig into your flesh, which could become quite uncomfortable.
Make sure the fabric is high quality
There are fashion corsets, and then there are real, traditional corsets. A silk corset that has no strong fabric underneath it is called a fashion corset. It’s more like a bodice in the fact that you want the corset look without the expense.
True corsets need to have strong fabric, such as heavyweight canvas, which supports the structure. This is not necessarily the outer layer that people see. Actually, there is usually a fashion layer that has fabric more pleasing to the eye. You should be able to yank on a corset’s fabric without anyone worrying that you’re going to rip it apart.
Lace-up corsets need strong laces
Fashion magazines often paint pictures of corsets with ribbons running down a woman's back with everything looking and fitting beautifully. While it might look lovely, these won’t last unless the ribbon is somehow incredibly strong. Most lace-up corsets use something similar to shoe strings because these get the job done nicely, and they won't give too much or break too easily.
Sizes are different
When you are buying a corset, you need to make sure that you realize the sizes are not standard dress sizes. Corsets are sized by waist sizes and measurements, so the size number will be centered on the actual size of your waist in inches.
Generally you will want to choose a corset that is a little bit smaller than your waist in order to attain that curvy, hourglass figure. If possible, it is always best to get one custom-made specifically for your body, though if you find one that is around your size it should work well also.
Don't cheap out
Most importantly, remember that with corsets you get what you pay for, so be prepared to get the type of corset you are willing to buy. If you are not willing to spend over seventy pounds, chances are you are not going to get anything of a decent quality. You will be better off saving up your money for a good corset, rather than buying just anything you can afford. You might feel it is expensive, but a high-quality corset will last for years.
Sleek, stylish and sexy
Corsets are the epitome of sexy style. Many of them can be coupled with more traditional attire and worn in public, though this is no longer traditional the way it once was.
Today, most corsets would have to be modified to be worn in pubic unless you were wearing them to a BDSM party or to go clubbing. For example, in the case of an under the bust corset, you would obviously need to wear a shirt under this to make accommodations for the exposure of flesh. (Of course, corsets like this are often best left to those special parties or at home with that special someone.)
It's no wonder that stars like Rihanna, Chloe Sevigny, Hayden Panettiere, Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss and Sarah Michelle Gellar have all adopted this sexy fashion statement at some point or another. Now that you have discovered how to find a real corset, maybe it's time to slip into something sexy and show off all you're worth.
By Ashtyn Evans

As a single female its easy to assume

As a single female its easy to assume your first date with the perfect guy has to include hours of preening, clammy palms and an endless list of what and what not to do!
Under the mask we sometimes paint ourselves in should be the perfect canvas of underwear. The one thing to help us feel sexy and confident is a steel boned, soft to the touch corset. A hand mastered piece of craftsmanship that is designed to make the wearer feel her best.
As seen throughout history, the corset is a reoccurring trend that not only comes back season after season but is built and designed better each time.
Getting ready for your first date should involve a long relaxing soak, the obvious pampering touches, getting rid of the old cliché of not shaving your legs so nothing can happen after dark with said guy. Ladies, lets remember it's the 21st century and if you being hair free and frivolous then lets do it in style!
Once skin is soft to the touch and eye lashes long and full (with a little help from a few fakes), it's time to slip into something gorgeous. The black Waist Cinching Satin Under The Bust Black Trixi Corset worn with satin knickers is a timeless classic, making you feel sophisticated, almost like the sexy, provocative older sister of Audrey Hepburn.
The Curvy Ivory Satin Over The Bust Ella Corset worn with lace French knickers has a pure, innocent feel to it sending out the signal that your delicate to touch. But beware boys, it's the quiet girls you have to watch out for.
A red corset, such as the Rouge Satin Over The Bust Ella Corset, matched with stocking and suspenders gives the impression of a hot, fiery character and even if your underwear is kept under wraps , it will still have the ability to unleash your inner sex goddess.
What ever outfit you have chosen, (little black dress and heels always a favourable option) with a curve enhancing corset underneath it let you shine in one those time when we all need that bit of sparkle.
On an ending note, so what if the date didn't go as planned, so what if you realised half way through the meal you had spinach stuck in your teeth? With a little help from your new friend, the corset, the view you create from behind whilst running to the toilet mirror will have your date mesmerised and no doubt day dreaming of what delights lay underneath. A sure fire way to a second date.

Whilst the papers are full of doom and gloom and the country struggles in the current economy

Whilst the papers are full of doom and gloom and the country struggles in the current economy, it could be natural to want to slip into a dull, old tracksuit and hide away from the rest of the world.
Looking good and taking care of ourselves can sometimes be seen as frivolous and unnecessary in today's society, especially when more important things, such as job losses and business closers are at the forefront of peoples minds.
But why should we sit gathering dust, whilst the world carry's on. It's our shopping habits that could keep these businesses afloat, so why not purchase something that can not only make us feel glamorous and feminine as well as a piece of artwork that will last a life time.
The corset will not only enhance any woman's figure, regardless of size but make her feel desirable and sexy. Something we are all in need of right now.
The corset, whether worn underneath evening wear, work wear or on a special night in can make a woman feel her best and create an hourglass figure most of us can only dream of otherwise.
So why not spend time, having a long relaxing bath surrounded by candles and a glass of wine before slipping on a sexy corset. It's about time we stopped spending our time worrying and start enjoying life and wearing a corset that has the ability to leave us feeling fabulous and maybe perking up a partners day is surely something not be ignored.

Corsets on the catwalk

From Queen Elizabeth I to Dame Vivienne Westwood, the corset has become a quintessential British icon within itself. Its presence in the 19th century wardrobe is still felt today, with many a designer incorporating the figure enhancing corsetry into their creations.
Take Dolce and Gabbana's curve enhancing, sexy corsetry, which has been a core aesthetic since the labels launch in 1985.
In 2007 D&G created a futuristic, metal corset with celebrities such as Leona Lewis (featured in her hit single Bleeding Love), Victoria Beckham and Beyonce, all using corsetry to enhance their provocative figures, with curve-boosting results.
It was British Designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood that brought the corset into the mainstream of fashion, after designing the Statue of Liberty corset as part of the Harris Tweed in 1987. It was the first of its kind to be worn as outerwear. Westwood says that wearing a corset makes her feel "happy and relaxed."
The design has come along way since the days of Queen Elizabeth, when corsets were heavy, restrictive and in some cases known to crush bones and damage internal organs.
Today the corset is, as illustrator A J Jones describes as "being held in a constant hug."
The wasp-waist is a trend that will repeat for seasons to come, with the likes of Dita Von Teese and designer Alexandra McQueen taking the creation further than ever before.

Why should I spend £75 on a corset when I can buy on for £5

This is a common question that a lot of people who come into a corsetry shop will ask. Truth is you cannot possibly get a corset for £5, except if you buy it second hand off a friend. But wait, you might say. I've seen corsets for £5 in Primark!
The fact is, even though these products are marketed as corsets, they are not.
A proper corset is made out of several layers of durable fabric, boned with flat steel bones and/or spiral steel bones as well as, occasionally, durable plastic boning. While the third alternative is not recommended for a lasting and cinching corset, it does make the corset somewhat cheaper. However, it's still not going to be £5.
So if the cheap corsets are not corsets, what are they?
There are many types of corset-like garments out there, and sometimes it can be hard to know what is what. What you will find in cheaper shops is probably what is commonly know as a bustier. A bustier is a garment that goes over your bust, usually with cups, and may or may not have boning. These garments are not made to cinch you, but to work as decorative underwear. While this has a purpose of its own, it is not a corset.
Another thing you might find in a store is a corsage.
A corsage is very similar to a corset, but it has a decorative purpose rather than a functional one. A corsage is usually boned with thinner plastic boning and is not suitable for tightlacing. While this garment might look like a corset, it is not.
A proper corset is carefully made to ensure lovely curves for the wearer. The steel boning and thick fabric means they will last for a very long time and will always keep you pulled in.
Synthetic jeans might look like jeans, but they will never be the same as a pair of proper denims. In the same way, investing in a proper corset will be more beneficial in the long run. You will be sure that it will last you a long time, that it will have a snug fit like a corset should and, most important of all, that it will give you that lovely hour-glass shape a corset is supposed to give you.

Only Goth's wear corsets

Many people seem to think that the corset as a fashion garment belongs in gothic and alternative fashion. While people of the gothic persuasion do borrow a lot from the Victorian era, including corsetry, the corset is a garment stretching way beyond any specific scene.
The Victorian pattern is still used in many corsets, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are for people dressing in a Victorian fashion. How the corset will look on you all depends on what fabric the corset is made and, more importantly, what you wear it with. A dark velvet corset might indeed look very gothic paired up with a long skirt and lace gloves, but worn with jeans it will become something completely different.
Nowadays, you can get a corset made of any material possible. For a more casual look, a denim- or cotton corset might be a good choice. For a sexy underwear look, choose satin or silk. If you're going for a fetish look, PVC and latex are the obvious choices. Still, there are very simple ways of dressing a corset up or down and making it look completely different. Choose the fetish corset and wear it with denim or leather and instead of fetish, you now have a rocker look.
And corsets definitely don't have to be a serious looking garment. Even though a corset does enhance the female form, it doesn't mean the corset is too sexy or too extreme. A corset can be fun! Used over a poofy dress, an underbust corset might just give you that waist you need to make the outfit look even cuter.
So, even though many Goths do wear corsetry, the corset is a garment that has always been worn by a wide variety of people for many different purposes in various styles. Why not pick up one of your own and create your own whole new style with it?

A brief corset history

The exact origins of the corset are lost in antiquity, but the ancient Greeks certainly wore a style of corset. Undergarments which pulled in and accentuated the waist were worn by the wealthy in France in the 1300s and 1400s, and their popularity spread to other countries.
The wearing of corsets became widespread in the 1500s and 1600s, as many Renaissance portraits will show. However these corsets, examples of which survive, were particularly rigid and uncomfortable, and made from materials such as iron or wood, as well as whalebone, which became the main agent for providing the constricting tightness in later centuries. The fashion started in Spain, and during a period in which Spain fell under the rule of another country, a Spanish queen was said to have promised her people that she would not loosen her corsets until Spain was free. It sounds risible now, but given the corsets of those days, it was a promise to inspire respect.
French fashion was more to the fore towards the end of the 17th century, and corsets became more elaborate, and an essential part of the 'look' of voluminous richly fabriced skirts, lots of petticoats, and a slender waist held in by a corset which also pushed up the breasts to give an enticing, strapless decolletage to any woman attending a social occasion. Corsets were worn by the boys and girls of wealthy families, and for ousrc="/media/oldblog//media/oldblog/oor activities such as horseback riding.
In the 1700s corsets were long and stiff, strengthened with cane and whalebone, and worn by children of both sexes from as young as 7 or 8 years. Extreme tight lacing became popular toward the end of the 18th century, and the satirical English poet Alexander Pope mentions corsets in his masterpiece, 'The Rape of the Lock':
...the Petticoat.
Oft have we known that sev'nfold Fence to fail;
Tho' stiff with Hoops, and arm'd with Ribs of Whale.
Form a strong Line about the Silver Bound,
And guard the wide Circumference around.
And later...
All side in Parties, and begin th' Attack;
Fans clap, Silks russle, and tough Whalebones crack;
However, the French Revolution was accompanied by a diminution in the popularity of tight lacing in France at least, as it was seen as a symbol of decadent aristocracy, and hence as literally life-threatening for the wearer. Napoleon even desribed the corset as 'the murderer of the human race' (tactfully forgetting himself). The change spread outside France, and in the middle to late 1790s, corsets were short, or were abandoned altogether.
In the first decade of the 19th century, long and tight corsets made a spirited comeback. During the Regency dandies such as Beau Brummel wore corsets to give the slim waisted look popular amongst the fashionable males of that period, as it had been amongst French and Spanish men of 250 years before. In the 1830s corsets were more widely available because of the reduction in clothing costs occasioned by the industrial revolution, and were better tailored to to shape the body, little whalebone being employed after 1850.
The corset returned to the centre of fashion in the 1860s, and etchings of the demi-monde at race meetings of this decade show that corsets were universal for women. In the mid 1870s long corsets were seen as performing a disciplinary, as well as a fashion, function, as they made the wearer more decorous in their movements, and more restrained generally. The corset came into full flower in the 1880s and 1890s, being worn over a petticoat, and made in beatiful materials such as silk and satin, richly decorated with frills and applique.
The recently discovered disciplinary function of the corset was still to the fore, and the 'Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine' advised, 'if you want a girl to grow up gentle and womanly in her ways and feelings, lace her tight'. As so many women in the 20th century have realised, this applies equally well to boys.
Corsets continued to be worn by men, supposedly for reasons of health, such as support for a bad back, and were recommended for men who were overweight to give them a trimmer figure. John F. Kennedy, the American president, always wore a plain masculine corset, because he suffered from a chronic bad back.
In the years before the First World War, corsets were long and straight, and not padded (as the 1890s corsets had been). This gave women a slimmer, less feminine figure, which carried over into the twenties, when feminine curves were definitely out, and even the breasts were flattened to produce a slender look. Corsets were often made of rubber, and the invention of the Lastex process by Dunlop rubber in the 1930s led to the invention of the modern two-way-stretch panty girdle, which is much more commonly used as a domestic discipline garment these days than the old fashioned lace-up corset.
Related to the girdle was the liberty bodice, a fleecy vest for girls reinforced with elastic. It was very snug and warm, and well known to British girls from the 40s to the 60s, and there was a letter in the March issue about a boy being made to wear his sister's liberty bodice.
Today, the corset is making a comeback in some quarters. I cannot say that young people's fashions of the last thirty years have met with much approval from me, but I do like the 'gothik' look which has been popular amongst girls in the last ten years or so. You do see some really beautiful black or purple petticoats, often hand made by the wearer, and old fashioned corsets are certainly an integral part of the whole look. The whole effect can be just stunning, and very like the most gorgeous female fashions of the Victorian age.
Girdles, and later panty girdles, were introduced in the 1920s as garments less severe than the corset, and having the added effect of shaping the abdomen and buttocks. Rather rigid at first, they became elasticated in the 1930s, and often had a circle of suspenders for stocking attachment around the base. They were almost universally worn by adult women up until the late 1960s. Panty girdles were a legged style, and a much more suitable garment for the disciplining and training of males, since they gave the wife or mother absolute control over the male's body.
It is fair to say that corsets will never vanish, and will be fashionable from time to time, although never again to the extent they were in the Victorian age. And husbands who misbehave, who will not help their wives around the house, or, even worse, are guilty of infidelity, will continue to find themselves locked into tight, long legged panty girdles, with the wonderfully and deliciously beneficial effects that I am sure all my readers understand.

I wonder what happened to Court Royal Corset?

I knew the owners of Court Royal very well and when they retired I felt it was a great loss to the industry. They were a major force in corset manufacturing despite not being as well known as the smaller manufacturers, who dominate the branded corset industry. After all the only UK corset manufacturers left would be Vollers, Playgirl London (bad name but great corsets, they manufacure a lot for other brands), Kinnaird and Axfords.
It came as a great relief when Court Royal was bought by a British girl with the intension of manufacturing the Court Royal corset in the UK. I did see a very impressive sample range, although have not heard anything from Court Royal since. I do not know what has happened since, but below is their press release, lets hope Court Royal corsetry is back on the scene soon.
The 100 - year - old brand re-launched with a popular range of corsets taken from Victorian designs that have been modernised in today’s materials.
This seasons styles follow suit with colourful patterns and fabrics which inspire optimism, and with the versatility to wear pieces with current favourites, allowing an individual style statement which is the mood of the moment.
Colour is a dominating influence, and vibrant Jacquards mixed with plain pastels and vivid bolds create a wonderful yet romantic appeal. Court Royal’s corset latest designs particularly focus on:
Whites- great to wear just on its own, or mixed with contrasting brights.
Pastels - Softer tones which reflect a gentle mood in pearl blue, candy pink and ivory satin.
Brights - Jewelled coloured - fuchsia, gold, moonstone, emerald, regal blue.
Further enhancing the look and feel of the upcoming season, fabrics such as duchess satin reflect the dressed up shine of the summer, and Jacquards demonstrate a delicate oriental theme with Japanese blossom design.
About corsets…
The corset has been around for over 300 years, adored and famous for its ability to reduce waists, flatter curves, and add shape to every lady. The tradition of wearing them for these reasons has carried through to the present day, where it is a firm favourite as sexy lingerie.
The sturdy, body - hugging garment is also becoming increasingly popular for the casual and eveningwear, adding elegance and beauty to any modern day outfit, be it denim jeans or a satin ballgown.
Court Royal corset have based all of their designs on original 19th Century corests - but have enhanced them to ensure a more comfortable fit whilst still maintaining their ability to take up to 4 inches off the waistline.
In corsetry, this size - reducing technique is achieved with the use of ‘boning’ - adding strips of metal or plastic inside the garment to provide strength and structure to the material. In Victorian times, whalebone was used. Now, many corsetieres use strips or spirals of steel.
With patterns designed to perfection by Court Royal, the corsets may be worn on any body shape and still look stunning. Those with a smaller bust size will have a greater shape and fullness, whereas larger bust sizes will seem reduced but still maintain their shape. To illustrate this, Court Royal recommend that those with an A cup should wear a size 8-10 corset, whereas an E cup should a size 10-12. Court Royal corsets are available in sizes 8 to 18 (UK).
About Court Royal…
The Court Royal brand was founded in the early 1900’s, over the years, they have stood for the best possible standard in the corsetry market, producing high quality garments from traditional designs. The Court Royal brand name, along with its wealth of historic designs, was purchased by a fashion designer, whose design flair and creativity has combined modern materials and appeal with traditional design work and quality. The result is the production and launch of the new Court Royal corsetry lines.
‘Previously, Court Royal has sold corsets within Europe and held International accounts such as Victoria Secrets in the USA.’
No other garment in Western history has assumed such political, social, and sexual significance. What is it about the corset? A mere undergarment, designed to enhance the female figure, has become an icon of all that fascinates about the ambiguous sexual codes of the Victorian era. Was wearing corsets primarily about sexual empowerment or restrictive chastisement? Could the corset explain common female maladies of the Victorian era, from fainting fits to miscarriage? How great was the suffering, for how small a waist?
A corset was therefore needed which would help mould the body to the desired shape. This was achieved through making them longer and from more separate shaped pieces of fabric than the corsets of the 1840s. To increase rigidity they were reinforced with many strips of whalebone, or cording or even pieces of leather. As well as making corsets more constricting, this heavy structure helped prevent them riding up or wrinkling at the waist.
Steam-moulding also helped create a curvaceous contour. Developed by Edwin Izod in the late 1860s and still used in the 1880s to create elegant corsets, the procedure involved placing a corset, wet with starch, on a steam heated copper torso form until it dried into shape. Another technological invention was the ’spoon busk’, which was invented in about 1873. Its distinctive shape was heralded as an important innovation, increasing comfort, preserving health, reducing unsightly bulges and enhancing the figure. It appeared in fashionable models until the 1890s and was known by other imaginative names such as ‘pear’, ‘envelope’ and ‘patent taper busk’.
In our modern age of lycra and comfort, it can be difficult to understand what it could have been like to wear a real corset. To wear a garment so restrictive as to hinder the development of vital organs, to wear this garment night and day from as early as the age of 5 years old.
Nowadays our lungs and rib cages are allowed to develop into the shape nature intended, allowing us a greater lung capacity and overall better health than our ancestors. Our happily un-compressed inner organs allow us the health and strength to carry a child to term as well as survive the delivery. Fainting couches and smelling salts are things of the past.
Yet the romance of the corset lingers on our minds. The influence of the corset and corsets themselves are found on modern fashion runways to this day.
At Court Royal we pride ourselves in offering a range of corsets that will capture the essence of the ‘Victorian Age’ and encapsulate a modern twist.
‘Court Royal corsets are versatile and are perfect to wear for any occasion.’
Young ladies going to their first prom or graduation ball will have a variety of colours to choose from with prices that are extremely affordable.
For those attending a fancy dress event or the ‘Rocky Horror Show’ should definitely look at our Ruby Plain corset with detachable suspender ends.
For the perfect hourglass shape, consider Court Royal’s Faith corset, which comes in six tantalising colours to suit every skin tone.

Sexy? Of corset is

NICOLE Kidman found when she played a tragic heroine in the film Moulin Rouge, out next month, there is nothing like a corset to accentuate a girl's curves.
Whether you are tied in, zipped up or buttoned up, a corset will give you the perfect hour-glass figure.
Catherine Zeta Jones chose a black one for the cover of Vanity Fair - perfectly flattering after childbirth. And Kate Winslet wore a boned corset to show off her weight loss in this month's In Style magazine.
So what can a corset do for the rest of us? We photographed four women ranging from a size 8 to a 14 in ordinary clothes, then corset tops, and compared their bust, waist and hip measurements.
VITAL STATISTICS: Before: 32 - 26 - 34 A
fter: 33 - 24 - 34
NIA, 21, a nanny from Pembrokeshire, says: "I'd never worn a corset in my life until last year when a friend persuaded me into one for my 21st birthday party.
"I have to admit, corsets make you far more shapely than without. This one definitely gives me a bigger bust, although I do feel my chest is virtually up to my chin. I've always liked the look of corsets in costume dramas on TV, but never imagined I'd end up wearing one - and liking it. But you really have to be toned to avoid bits of flab falling over the edges.
"I wouldnt go "girly" with a corset though - with a dress or skirt. I'd only ever wear one with funky flared pants or my favourite shredded-leg Diesel jeans."
Keri Gardiner Size 10
Before: 33 - 25 - 35
After: 34 - 24- 25
KERI, 24, a secretary from Essex, says: "I have a black velvet corset from Top Shop. It makes me feel really sophisticated. But it can be very constricting and uncomfortable.
"I'm quite flat-chested and it gave me curves in all the right places.
"The Moulin Rouge corsets are fabulous to dress up in but with the flowers and the trim would probably be a bit much for me.
VITAL STATISTICS Before: 38 - 31 - 38
After: 36 - 28 - 36
LARA, 28, a mother and part-time caterer from North London, says: "After having two children I'm not as slim in the waist as I was, so I'm grateful for any help in that area.
"I'm really surprised at how this corset looks - I was very unsure of it, it had very little hanger appeal.
"But it does the trick, squeezing me in and pushing cleavage up.
"Now I must admit I would wear it, but probably with jeans rather than a skirt because I'm not very ladylike."
VITAL STATISTICS Before: 38 - 30 - 40 After: 36.5 - 28 - 39
LINKA, 23, a photography student from Bournemouth, says: "Corsets are excellent for bigger girls like me because they hold you in. But it also makes me feel a bit over the top. The danger is corsets can look too vampy if you're top heavy. That's why I'd never get up and dance in this. I'd be too scared about popping out."
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Sexy? Of corset is.
The Mirror (London, England); 8/27/2001
Byline: OLLIE PICTON JONES Fashion Director